The SKINny on Sun Protection

We’ve all seen the abundance of Copper Tone sunscreen advertisements. We have also read countless articles, seen life-changing news stories, and been verbally beaten to death on the subject of protecting your skin. How many of us actually adhere to the information we are being told?

If you are 16 and view Jersey Shore as the holy grail in life, then this post isn’t for you. Go reapply some bronzer and get another push-up bra…because they still. aren’t. big. enough.

If you, however, are like me, and are avidly scouring the net, mobile devices, and doctor’s offices for ways to improve your health, then do stay tuned.

I’m not going to waste my words with psychobabble about how horrible artificially tanning your skin is. It’s not rocket science that any kind of tan causes skin damage. Wear your sunscreen every day- even if there’s no sign of the sun.

Personally, I standardly believe that less is more. (If you’ve seen me in person, you know how badly you have to withhold your “Geez, put some make-up on, girl!”) However when it comes to the future health of my body (especially my skin), I believe the opposite. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It’s our outer sheath protectant from germs and one of the reasons why society is so vain. In order to ensure it lasts as long as we do, certain precautions are NECESSARY.

When I hear of countless people throwing their money to tanning chains (albeit a fake and bake or spray tan), it doesn’t bother me. At this point in my life, I have ceased caring about others who don’t take mainstream research into account in regards to matters like this. To each his own. I’m sure they would reply back to me with a big, FAT, tan YOLO. (Oh and just because they include a FREE tan, doesn’t mean it’s rational either. This is how your brain becomes hooked!)

Do you really want to look like this? People may begin to mistake you for molasses!

My main targets in life are those who are uneducated or misinformed on subjects. This one being a pretty hot button topic. In P.R., we were always taught to never go after those with unwavering opinions, but rather the “on the fencers”. Those are the ones that still have a chance to “see the light…” (PUN INTENDED.) Reach the egg…or win that Grammy. (forgive me- it’s late and I have run dry on analogies.)

I’m stopping the proverbial “car” at this point in the post to throw at you FIVE essential tips for maintaining healthy skin during the summer. (Or really any time of the year!)

1. ALWAYS use a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30 or greater. SPF not only protects but prevents pre-mature aging and wrinkles. Make sure you purchase a brand with NO parabens and also be sure it’s mostly natural ingredients. This goes for ALL SKIN TYPES. Cancer affects pale, medium, and even dark skin. DO. YOUR. RESEARCH.

(What do I use? Kiss My Face- I have sensitive/oily skin- what a winning combo- so I must always use something without oils or salicylic acids.)

2. APPLY sunscreen about a half hour before sun exposure. This gives skin enough time to properly absorb and form that “screen.” (For all of you who don’t ever wear sunscreen due to beliefs that it does more harm than good…as long as you use an all natural based screen your chances of getting cancer are greater without using it than with!)

3. LIMIT your sunbathing time to max 2 hours during days of extreme heat or when UV indexes are at a 9 or higher…Don’t always think just because there are no signs of a burn/tan that you are “fine.” It takes 3-6 hours for a burn to develop!

4. AFTER sunning, be sure to hydrate the skin with an aloe-based moisturizer or soaking in a cold bath. Even if you’re not burned, this will help skin repair quicker.

(I use aloe vera gel from an actual aloe vera plant…which- get this- has been alive and well since I was just a few months old! It’s a serious miracle worker!)

5. DON’T take the duck and cover approach. If you hate the sun, but have to be outside, don’t believe that just because you are shielded by a tent, umbrella, hat, gloves, or spacesuit, that you will end up unscathed. UV rays can penetrate through even the thickest materials!

Here are my recommendations for “tans in a bottle”.

1. Jergen’s Natural Glow. (It’s not completely derived from natural ingredients.) It still works wonders. During the fall/winter, I apply this every 3 days or so, and was able to maintain my summer tan. No streaks, no orange legs, and no nasty smell! I apply this right after drying off from the shower. Read my review from a while back!

2. Jergen’s Glow & Protect w/SPF 20. This stuff is a skin tan accelerator. I would say only use this if you are preparing for a social function or beach vacation. I used it for two days (sparingly) and was mistaken for Native American afterwards.

I honestly have not tried anything else due to my fear of ruining my current skin tone. The two above have worked shockingly well and I’ll continue to use them this coming fall/winter.

FYI…Faking and baking is just as addicting as smoking a cigarette. I can attest. I used to be a cancer box fiend! Thank god I stopped and smelled the SPF!


What’s your skincare regimen like? Does it change during the seasons? Are you a diehard cancer box believer? I’d like to hear from all walks of life!

Peace, love, and skin protection!


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2 Responses to The SKINny on Sun Protection

  1. Great post! This is something I didn’t used to be very good about, but I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I have never, and will never set foot in a tanning bed. And my friends hate me for going all “Mother Hen” on them for the effects. But they can hate me, as long as they stay the heck away! Love the suggestions you listed 🙂

    • choc3178 says:

      thanks for reading! I am the same way!! I have a generally olive skin tone, but I act like I’m albino sometimes. I limit myself to 2 hours and slather on that sunscreen! Better to be safe than sorry! 🙂

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