#WIAW- Let Me See Your Grill & New Weekly Obsessions

This past week has been filled with nostalgia. Not the kind you get from watching The Christmas Carol over and over again, but one that you associate with food.

Summer in most people’s eyes consists of outdoor patio parties, good conversation, and THE GRILL! Recipe for perfection if you ask me! Ever since I was old enough to know that chocolate could be considered a food group, my family has grilled. My father has been dubbed the grillmaster and every year like a band of hornets, the males of the fam gather around it like a bunch of bees on honey!

Anyway…I popped my grilling cherry in late summer 2011 and have been IMPATIENTLY waiting for the moment the sun would be warm enough for me to become a deck dweller again. This past week in Jersey, we received what’s considered a rarity: 4 WHOLE DAYS of SUNSHINE, WARM TEMPS, & ZERO CLOUDS. I felt like I was in Arizona more than the east coast. God must have heard my complaining and finally decided to grant me a reward…go figure now this week is all straight rain and clouds.

Anyway, back to grilling…

I noticed that once I began grilling, I couldn’t stop. (Also reminiscent of a nostalgic Pringles commercial- remember those?)

I had been slacking in the veggies department for the past few weeks and began to notice my belly protruding even more than usual. It was time to get back on track.

I grilled an assortment of veggies (mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, green/yellow/orange pepper) I then mixed it with an egg for one meal (not pictured). For another, I threw brown rice pasta over top with some Mrs. Dash (MY NEWEST OBSESSION) and parmesan. Absolutely divine!


I made these “snicker” balls along with sugar cookie truffles for a church bake sale…because…MY OVEN BROKE. (and will not be fixed until mid-july!) Really?!? B.S.

More on the above ^^ in a Goodness of My Heart post- probably scheduling for Friday!

I also made another dessert (or breakfast) which was another obsession of mine...Chocolate Chip Oat Mug Cake! I can’t stop with these dang mug cakes. I love how incredibly versatile they are. You also have discretion over what ingredients you’d like to include or omit. Highly recommend trying this if you’re in need of a breakfast boost!

Here’s another version of mug cake (except in mashed form)…I used Strawberries, banana, a dash of baking powder, chocolate protein powder, agave, small handful of vanilla cake mix, and popped it into the microwave for about 4 minutes. (REMEMBER- spray your mug with non-stick spray to ensure proper turn out) The melange on top you see there is plain chobani yogurt, honey peanut butter, and biscoff spread with flax seed. DEEE-LISH! These keep you full for 4-6 hours…so if you have a longgggg day ahead, be sure to start out with one of these!

Lastly, we will go onto my last obsession…doesn’t involve the grill, but it could if I had the patience to let my mouth stop salivating. These Arnold pita pockets in Italian Herb are absolutely amazing. Give your sandwich a makeover with one of these! For a half a pita, it’s 100 cals, 5 g. fiber. Of course, I purchased these on a trip to the grocery store when I was about to eat off my arm, so I had two of these babies!

Oh…and these pair perfectly with one of these…turkey sausage links with olive oil/garlic pasta sauce (no unfortunately it was jarred)…and yes, this looks phallic. I had every intention of making it appear so. There’s your dirty mind wander for the day!

What are your current obsessions? Do you grill in the summer? What are your favorite things to grill?

P.S.-Here’s a new instant sweet tooth solace snack: Grab a spoon, fill half with honey PB, other half with Nutella and NOM NOM NOM! I probably had about 3 giant spoonfuls of these last night!

Peace, love, and grilling!


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19 Responses to #WIAW- Let Me See Your Grill & New Weekly Obsessions

  1. Julie says:

    Your mug cake looks so good. I can never make them right. I’ll give your recipe a try!

  2. I love grilling out! I’m going to a pig pickin’ this weekend, and I’m pretty pumped. I don’t even like pig all that much! ha

    My current obsession has been mug cakes, and yours looks great!

  3. I could totally eat an entire jar of Nutella in one day… (I don’t though…)

  4. I remember that song!! Memories of 9th grade. Current food obsessions are soy yogurt YUM and plums.
    I’m a huge fan of mug cakes but don’t make them nearly enough. Must get on that. favourite thing to grill is veggies for sure- I roasted a cabbage and some onions last night because we haven’t got a grill in our London flat. Can’t wait to go home to the US for my grill!

    • choc3178 says:

      plums are so good this time of year! grills are one of the only appliances I use in the warmer weather! Even grilled eggs!

  5. I have NEVER made a mug cake but I’ve seen them go by on Pinterest and they look really cute. I’m also pleased to report that I have very big mugs at home ;D I should try one! Do you have a favorite recipe that I should make for my first go?
    Just found your blog, by the way – love the name!

    • choc3178 says:

      thanks stephanie! I honestly just use what I have at the moment to create them. The chocolate chip oat one I used 1 egg, pinch of baking powder, 1/4 cup oats, handful of chocolate chips, handful of french vanilla cake mix, and some agave syrup. Feel free to use a protein powder in place of the cake mix as it will keep you fuller longer! As long as you have a leavening agent (such as an egg, flour, baking powder), you can’t really go wrong!

  6. Oh Nutella, how I love thee. Haven’t thought about combining it with PB though

    • choc3178 says:

      it was an experiment that proved to be amazing! I had no “sweets” left, so this was a viably GREAT option!

  7. Oh my,your mug cake looks so delicious!
    I love grilling,too,but we need a new grill… Boo 🙁

  8. Lindsay says:

    Oh my god. I thought I was the only one that did that spoon thing. Have you ever mixed the two and microwaved it? Or added marshmallow fluff? amazing.

  9. mmmm…..honey and nutella…never thought to put those together but that sounds amazing!

    • choc3178 says:

      right?! this was following bethenny frankel’s “use what you have” principle. It worked out tastefully!

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