#MotivationalMondays- Back, Bike, & Bosu

Who ate their weight this weekend? Don’t be shy…raise those hands high! There’s always room for improvement. Just because you fell off the healthy eating track, doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

View my “When Chocolate Met Diamonds” for proof. I let loose on weekends and make sure my pants zipper back up by Monday. (I know that’s very Fit In Your Jeans By Friday Kardashian-esque, but it’s true.) I usually take Friday night-all day Saturday to cheat. 

By cheating, I don’t mean heading to Olive Garden and ordering the All-You-Can Eat soup/salad/breadsticks. (I don’t even consider that real food anymore…sorry!) I usually will splurge on a nice carb-loaded dinner and a dessert.

A lot of people who splurge go “all out” for the entire day, but I honestly don’t have those urges. One meal is enough of a splurge for me…well, unless it’s sweets or chocolate, those are my kryptonite.

There are worse things in the world occurring than not being able to fit into your pants, but just know you have the power to remedy the situation for the better. (sorry to get all Tony Robbins on you- just preaching truth!)

In my bag of tricks this past weekend, I was able to squeeze in a workout. It was one of those “lost track of time” days and before I knew it I had been pushing almost 2 hours of gym time! (WAY TOO LONG if you ask me…)

I’m NOT endorsing a 2 hour workout by any means. Mine are max an hour most days. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. For real. You can aim for a 20 minute workout and work most of your body. But that’s for another post…

I have honestly NOT hopped on a bike in over 3 years, so I figured it was time. I warmed up for a good ten minutes and was already sore after getting off. I then proceeded to the weights area and whipped this baby up:

The “25” Back & Bosu Routine:

25 deltoid flys

25 chest flys

25 rows

25 shoulder presses

25 shoulder raises

25 triceps push-ups (on bosu)

25 jump lunges (on bosu)

25 second side plank hold (on bosu) (both sides)

25 criss-cross crunches (on bosu)

If you aren’t familiar with bosu…get familiar. They look like this ^ (and yes- are usually stained with dirt) Bosu’s are a great way to improve balance and strength. This forces you to use muscles you wouldn’t normally if performing the same exercise on the solid floor. They are super bouncy and fun too! I usually use them during my HIIT/interval training days.



Um…can you tell I’m favoring the #25 lately? I figured I might as well embrace my age…


I leave you with a few sources of pinspiration to keep you on track:

How do you get yourself back on track during hard times? What’s the longest you’ve ever spent at the gym? (willingly) And finally…who has made Jamie Eason’s protein bars? Thinking of trying them out!

P.P.S– Giant thank you’s and xo to Maria for showing me pixlr and Karina for inspiration behind this post!

Peace, love, and the right track!


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3 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Back, Bike, & Bosu

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  2. Karina says:

    Such an inspirational post! Thank you Christy for posting this. You are so right about other things being worse, I know that I will fall off the wagon a few times. All that matters is that I get back up each time! Love the quotes, perfect for this rainy Monday! xoxo

  3. We’re a lot alike! I can’t “splurge” all day…splurging for me is one meal or deciding to have that sweet dessert. 🙂 Although, I did splurge all weekend for my birthday!!!!

    I’ve made the lemon and the chocolate protein bars by Jamie Eason. Loved them both! Lemon especially cause mine tasted like lemon bars. I posted it on my Tasty Tuesdays a couple of weeks ago. I plan on posting the chocolate one next Tuesday. The chocolate one reminded me of a brownie but not as chocolatey…if that makes any sense? I guess it was more cake-like but the sweetness or chocolate was not overbearing so eating 2 of them in one sitting was not bad. You should try them!

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