Food For Thought- Does Coffee Really Improve Brain Function?

You wake up and then battle with the snooze button for a decent 20 minutes. After years of working, you are still unaccustomed to early rising. Coffee and food are the only elixirs to mediate the situation.

Cut to…sitting at the kitchen table on your “i-something” reading the latest news and gossip. Halfway through your coffee you feel like the Energizer bunny and transform from sleepy to superman.

Coffee is my necessary FDA-approved form of speed. I’m sure it’s on many others necessity lists to take on a deserted barrier island as well. I’m glad for that reason Gilligan’s Island was a mated fiction between man, sea, and land. To get back on track, we all know coffee “works” due to the caffeine, a natural stimulant. Studies have shown (and by studies I mean my own) that it reduces the duration of a migraine in half and induces happiness…which for my persona is quite difficult to maintain 24/7.

While caffeine may be the one who takes all the credit, I just recently learned two other cheerleaders that enable caffeine to hold its spot as MVP. Magnesium and Chromium are nutrients we naturally produce and need for proper organ and bodily function. These two kind of act as the carriers of caffeine throughout the body.

Caffeine primarily reacts with the central nervous system, which begins in the brain. The brain is then directed to stimulate the pituitary gland, responsible for emitting adrenaline. Thus giving us all that natural energizer bunny feeling. Science says caffeine makes us more alert which makes us more active and productive. The risk for health conditions such as: Diabetes, heart disease, and strokes have been listed as being lower for prolonged coffee drinkers. For those real caffeine crazed (consuming 5+ cups daily), there has also been insight into this amount drastically reducing the risk for Parkinson’s and even cancer!

So the answer is drink up! As long as your still ordering a non-fat, no whip, no harm done here.

Peace, love, and coffee!


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2 Responses to Food For Thought- Does Coffee Really Improve Brain Function?

  1. Sarah says:

    Love this! Drinking my cup of Kahlua as I read this!

  2. fairyma says:

    i like mine with heavy cream and a little bit of steam šŸ˜‰

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