-Things To Try Thursdays- Reebok Real Flex & My FIRST Giveaway

As if my both of my posts regarding Fitness Magazine’s Meet & Tweet event last week weren’t enough…I’m continuing the awesome.

For the past few days, I’ve been giving the Reebok Real Flex sneakers we received as a part of our swag, a test run. PUN INTENDED.

At first, I was unsure of how these would go down, being that they require a little more balance than most sneakers. This is all due to their “Real Flex” technology. They claim to help align your feet and also come equipped with special “nodes” to enable your feet to move and flex. The heel and toe are formulated with extra nodes to ensure more stability. They also claim optimum support and cushioning on the inside of the shoe, like those provided by zero drop– that I can attest to! It was very much Cinderella’s foot pillow while wearing!

I can honestly say these are probably one of my best pairs of running shoes…LIKE EVER. You feel the difference when walking, running, or resistance training. I love the Real Flex technology as it also ensures your muscles are working properly. It’s a bit of adjusting at first, but once you get a few workouts in, you know how to work them.

I am recommending them to you. I especially approve of these for anyone with arch issues. I have a teensy bit of a higher arch than most and sometimes that proves difficult in finding sneakers. The cushioning inside actually molds to your foot, so it’s even better than most other brands out there.

Thanks again Reebok! 🙂

*Remember- I am not paid by companies to review any products on Thursdays. These are all my own natural thoughts and opinions.*

Now…onto the “weeeeee” part of this post. I figured I couldn’t be too selfish with all of the swag I received at last week’s event. So…I am offering it up to you guys. 

I posted a really obnoxiously long ramble on youtube regarding this a few days ago. View if you dare. (It’s 10 minutes of your life you’ll never get back!)

Here’s what’s involved:

Sun-Maid Raisins pack with 100th anniversary raisins small cookbook

Camelbak Water Bottle (The Eddy)

Sheets Energy Strips (1 pack of 4 strips)

VICHY Destock Stomach Cream

1 Grape Pure Protein Shot

I will choose two winners at random by Monday, May 21st. (The first winner will win: Sun Maid package, Camelbak, & Sheets energy strips. Second will win VICHY cream and Pure Protein Shot.)

Here are details to enter:

1) Comment below telling me which products you’d like to win and why

2) Follow me @cdean17 and the following sponsors on twitter: @camelbak, @pureproteinpro

3) Like my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/chocolatecovereddiamonds

Best of luck to you!

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  1. Karina says:

    I might have to enter this – lol! Seriously, I had to share my goodies with my boys!

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