#MotivationalMondays- “Between The Commercials” Workout

If you’re like me, Sunday nights consist of a lot of eye movement, occasional belly laugh, and symptoms of buttlock. I’m talking about the main event of the night- which would be the television. (my line-up: mobwives, khloe & lamar, RHONJ, and latest edition- NYC 22)

Give me a widescreen, chocolate, and some blankets…especially on a rainy night like last night.

I had boozed and schmoozed a little too much Saturday night, so much so that my mini wasn’t able to fit the next morning. (I slept in it…an indication of just how strong that ONE drink was!) Lightweight, lightweight.

I needed a jolt of energy and a way to burn off calories that didn’t involve an outside hustle to the gym. I procrastinated all day and then finally around 9:30 decided to get my “rocky” on.

I began with Women’s Health magazine’s 15 minute- arms workout. Check it out in the April issue!

When the clock struck 10:00, it was all eyes and ears focused on the RHONJ premiere. If you think RHONJ is some sort of nickname, I feel sorry for you. (Real Housewives of New Jersey)…Just another one of my very guilty pleasures.

I decided I was already warmed up- so why stop now? One measly arm workout didn’t have me sweating, so it was time to rev things up a bit.

Since I have never met a single soul who adores commercials, I figured…why not do something productive in between them?

There were 4 commercial breaks each totaling anywhere from 4-5 minutes each. Perfect for a slight heart rate rev!

Here’s how it went down:

1st & 2nd commercial breaks—

-diamond push-ups (25)

-tricep girly push-ups (25)

-30 second plank hold

-jumping lunges (15)

-burpees (10)

-jumping jacks (50)

-high knees (25)

3rd & 4th commercial breaks—

-windshield wiper abdominals (15)

-side oblique crunches (12)

-30 second plank hold

-pike crunches (12)

-heels to the heaven (15)

-twist crunches (15)

Experts say exercising intensely in small, quick bursts is actually more effective at building muscle, losing fat, and gaining endurance, than a 40-60 minute workout. 

What kinds of motivation do you use to get you in the mood to workout? What are your favorite shows? Have you ever tried interval training in between shows/commercials?

Peace, love, and television!


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