#WIAW- Birthdays Ups & Downs

Thanks to Jenn as always for hosting!

I have a secret that I’m willing to share with all of you. It’s not like an ambidextrous sort of secret or anything like that…it’s more of a ritual I engage in…

Every year since I have turned 18, I cry on my birthday. Why? I haven’t sourced the true reason, but I’m assuming it has something to do with that word- old.

I know it’s cray, but ever since then I felt like an adult and could no longer play in McDonald’s ball pits or dress my Barbies for “prom”.

I’ve slowly mended over time, but there’s always a small tear shed each year. This year had to be the worst. I turned 25 yesterday, which everyone tells me is a “milestone”, making me feel even older.

I am all for professional milestones, but as for these necessary ones, I am just unable to accept them. I’m aware I can’t change the hands of time, but I’d really like L’Oreal or some other corporation to work on that youth in a bottle. It HAS to exist.

Anyway- pushing aside all of the pouts and doubts, I did have a fulfilling day. I worked for a few hours and then headed home. (This year I specifically told my family I was not into celebrating it- but alas, there were a few presents and a cake for me.)

I was surprised on Friday by my boyfriend who took me hostage into NYC to Tony’s Di Napoli. I had no idea where we were headed and being a person that plans ahead- this was literally making me itch!

Food did not disappoint. Can’t go wrong with family style! (We also had shrimp parm- not pictured!)

This honestly was one of the most memorable dinners I have had since childhood. Thank you Mario! xoxo :*

Now onto the next…25 would not have been complete without a monkey wrench thrown into the mix. I have been ill for the past 3 days and am self-diagnosing myself with a sinus infection. It’s mucous-y, hard to breathe, and my cheeks are pulsating.

Luckily one of my presents involved this amazing tea. Seriously? the bomb.com right now.

I also made myself kale soup/salads and have been stocking up heavily on oranges, extra supplements, and of course ice cream!

Yes– that is banana, egg, and balsamic you see. Sickness makes me crave weird combos.

So there you have it…another Wednesday, another Birthday, and hopefully NOT another sick day.

What’s your remedy for sickness? Do you feed the fever, starve the cold? I find either one extreme or the other works with me. (Hot bevs or ALL ice cream- depending on the symptoms)

Peace, love, and wishes!


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5 Responses to #WIAW- Birthdays Ups & Downs

  1. I hope you had a nice birthday!!! 🙂
    Aw, hope you feel better real soon! Being sick is no fun..

  2. I hope you feel better. I tend to do neither of the extreme remedies. I don’t think they work on me. I just try to rest up and eat either way so my body has the energy to fight off the sickness.

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