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With all of the three-letter acronyms and technical words out there, it can be very easy to get your F.D.A’s crossed with your EPA’s. It’s inherent we have a certain amount of food and nutrients per day and if you lack just a few prime components, it could affect your health and wellness big time.

For quite some time now, I have suffered from major knee and elbow joint pain. I’m not even a marathoner or triathloner. One mile usually does it for me. Over the years, I have noticed my joints deteriorate to the point where I had to cease performing certain exercises.

Enter glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin. This was my “lean on me” supplement. I used this stuff for two years in all its forms available. It definitely “took the edge off”, but I still had inflammation.

About 2 months ago, after a #Fitfluential chat, I decided to hop on the fish oil bandwagon. A lot of you who participated in the chat suggested liquid flavored fish oil- as it tastes great and obviously promotes joint repair.

I decided to take the plunge into these unknown (hopefully not smelly) waters and came out with a smile across my face and only the taste of sweet lemons in my mouth..

After much internet research, I went with Carlson Lemon Flavored Fish Oil. It claimed it was “The Very Finest”. I began taking two spoonfuls in the mornings in February and noticed an immediate spike in my energy. Keep in mind, I already take a women’s multi, B complex, and D3, which do give me an adequate amount of energy, but when I began taking the fish oil, I felt like a robot of the future.

Productivity went through the roof, even on days when I only was able to sleep for 4-5 hours. Best of all, about 2 weeks into taking it, my joint pain has completely ceased! Brownie Points 🙂

So what does it contain that makes it “the very finest“? Omega 3’s, DHA, & EPA.

It’s best absorbed with meals, or it also recommends taking a spoonful at bedtime if you can’t manage to squeeze it in in the morning.

It costs about $18 at Vitamin Shoppe, (I think mine was the smallest size) or you can get a giant one on Amazon for about $34. It’s a worthy investment. It also promote cardiovascular and brain health. (We need our omega 3’s for all our synapses to work properly every day!)

Also, this comes in orange flavor too. Many of you have told me you mix this in with salads or marinades to get your daily intake. (I haven’t yet been able to try this option, so I can’t say how it comes out, but hope to very soon!)

In the future if you’re shopping around for a fish oil, here’s some helpful guidelines:

1. Words of the day: Molecularly Distilled. (Carlson’s is)- basically this means they filter mercury and other harmful elements out before packaging

2. Contains omega 3’s, DHA, & EPA– no more than 2000 of omega 3’s, between 1000-1500 mg. of DHA/EPA

3. Buyer Beware: Research the manufacturer! This is probably the most vital thing you were ever taught in school. Knowledge is power. Don’t fall victim to cheap prices- make sure you check out who exactly the company is and where they obtain the ingredients from.

4. Enteric coating keeps the fishy burps at bay (if you are consuming a pill/capsule form) (I also have been told if you pop the pills in the freezer you won’t have to worry about fishy burps either!)

5. Vitamin E– this is an extra credit ingredient. It maintains supple skin, great for anti-aging, good for your brain, nervous system, and heart!

Happy fishing! Choose wisely.

Do you take fish oil in liquid or supplement form? Do you eat a diet high in omega 3’s? What has been your experience with this supplement?

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