April Beauty Secret: Paste Your Face

What is the number two complaint in the world for women? Next to weight/body shape, it is SKIN!  Bad skin can make or break your day, outfit, or even the mirror- if you frown hard enough.

I know for me, it’s a total self esteem ruiner, and when I have breakouts/sunburns/rashes/etc. I resolve to remaining inside away from anything which grants a reflection back.

This can probably be attributed to my type-A personality and the second a piece of that persona is tarnished, it’s basically my own version of world war 3.

I take my skin seriously- as should you. It’s the most intimate part of us outside of what parts we use in the bedroom. I have totally been on interviews on a bad skin day. Forget bad hair- mine are usually bad skin days! It makes me think, “Oh no, are they really trying to connect all the dots on my face because they really don’t want someone who looks like this working for them?” Extreme, I know.

Luckily, I’ve learned to cope. And here is how:





Yes, that’s toothpaste on my face. No, I’m not sponsored by Tom’s of Maine. Yes, I am a Hofstra Alum.

Toothpaste has been my secret warrior against those pesky breakouts on my skin. I simply dab a thin layer on my acne inflamed areas, leave overnight, and in the morning- rinse.

The pimples usually diminish or completely disappear by the next morning. It has a proven track record. Try it out!

Make sure:

1) You use a pastey toothpaste and not a gel-derived.

2) DON’T overdo it. This can get addicting- but trust me, if you do this every night, you will develop burns to the point of people wondering who is abusing you. The burn is the worst side effect of the toothpaste if you do this on a daily basis. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

3)  Sleep in crap clothes and crap pillowcases. If you are attached to your egyptian cotton and thread count, I would advise changing these into a less cared about set. The toothpaste will definitely stain if you aren’t careful.

4) Wash all your make-up off before applying. You don’t want the devils of acne to further upset your complexion!

The brand I use is Tom’s. You can use whichever you prefer, just make sure it is NOT gel-based. If this burns you in anyway upon applying, take off immediately. (This is a slow form of torture which will keep your skin FAR FROM CLEAR in the morning.)

Happy pasting!


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