Goodness of My Heart- Chocolate Deluge

Well, well, well, Friday we meet again. This week was a bunch of waterfalls and roller coasters for me. Instead of eating it out, I baked it out. (Get your minds out of the proverbial gutters!)

Stress usually comes in the form of bosses looking over your shoulder, babies crying, or traffic jams longer than a strain of Strep. Whatever form it may be, we always need our escapes.

Mine just happens not to come in the form of a pill bottle, keg, or street corner. I can get it for free in my kitchen. All I need is a good spatula, bowl, and the finest ingredients for all my stresses to melt away.

This week I found a goldmine of chocolate that I had forgotten about, so obviously this needed to be put to good use for my local food pantry.

My first creation involved some experimentation, but according to even the harshest critics (Moms who are strictly CHOCOLATE lovers ONLY), it passed the test.

Chocolate Banana Flavored Pudding Bites (kind of wished I had used REAL banana, bc I hate that imposter taste)- they were still worth every bite! Especially right out of the oven oozing pudding-y goodness. Oh heavens, my salivary glands are getting bothered again.

Creation #2 involved Sunwarrior Chocolate protein powder, crispy rice cereal, marshmallows, cake mix, and banana. (The more stressed I get, the more trigger happy I become, clearly.) These were excellent! The texture was almost too soft to eat, literally felt like a soft baby’s bottom! So I kind of felt like a cannibal when I tasted one…

Creation #3 were these cuties…light brown sugar protein cookies. I used yellow cake mix, 2 scoops chocolate protein powder (Sunwarrior), some milk, light brown sugar and stirred. (I eyeballed the measurements.) Then placed ’em in the oven for 12 minutes and voila! I then put a chocolate chip on each, just because I like things to look pretty as well as taste pretty.

Creation #4 was a little bit of a twist on the classic Chocolate Chip cookie. I found a recipe that used Light Brown Sugar and Granulated sugar combined. Personally, these weren’t my favorite, but within 10 minutes of cooling, a case of “who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” began in my house.

WARNING: picture below is unsuitable for anyone who is starving or gave up chocolate for lent #foodporn

Have you ever done your own “bake-a-thon”? What’s the longest time you’ve ever baked? Mine is always during holidays- #teamnosleep! 

Also, a sidenote…check out A Dash of Meg’s blog today for #highfivefridays! I’ve explained this before, but for those of you newbies who don’t know…it’s a day to celebrate your accomplishments however big or small of the week! This week, mine was resisting the gym for a day in order to nurse an injury. (I know you’re probably thinking…huh? But really, it’s hard for me to withdrawal from my favorite addiction!) So what’s yours? Let Meg know!

Have a great weekend and remember to eat some chocolate! 😉


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