#MotivationalMondays- Better Than 5 Hour Energy Workout

On a recent outing with friends, story sharing became the main course and food seemed to take the tapas back burner.

Story sharing always leads to eyes wide opened, jaw dropping, sex and the city type “oh my god Samantha!” type exclamations.

Since I usually walk the trail of the already told, I listen and engage in head nods and laugh responsibly.

For instance, a friend was telling a story about a work environment that involved the interns running errands to attain adderall and excessive amounts of 5-hour energy bottles.

Appropriate response: Oh My God! Done and done.

Which then turned on the lightbulb to this post. 5 Hour energy is hailed as the mecca to truck drivers, college students, clearly “normal” working types (as mentioned above), and even the occasional mom or dad.

Claiming it’s all natural and chock full of B12 is apparently enough to coerce the general public into believing this stuff is genuinely better for you than a workout or eating right.

This is another one of those “there’s a pill for that” or “liquid”, I should say. I’m not a pessimist, I actually consider myself a realist. And realistically speaking, if it tastes too good to be true, it probably is.

Vitamins are supposed to reak, right? Well, a lot of these 5 hour energies add artificial flavorings, which is a no-no to those of us who treat our bodies as temples. This is how they acquire a better taste/smell and hook consumers.

We all are aware of the teeming health benefits of consuming our B’s on a daily basis. Great hair, nails, skin, cell reproduction, etc. etc. I suppose if you aren’t an adrenaline junkie, something like this once in a while is considered okay to be dumping into your holy abode. But as for those who use and abuse, it’s just like any other addiction, which is basically like stepping into quicksand.

And then there are always those studies 10 years down the line…claiming they thought it was safe and now it’s not. Ever think of that? Anytime a new food or beverage comes on the market, I hold out my cherry popping for a time when it’s right and I adequately know enough about the product to claim it’s “safe” for my body.

Now that I ranted, I’ll rave over this natural form of energy…called exercise. Here are two recent workouts I’ve dabbled with…and one of them is only 4 minutes! SCORE.







Peace, love, and energy!


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