Goodness of My Heart- Pretty In Pink Rice Krispy Treats

It’s been about two days since I have clicked publish, which is equivalent to 10 million light years in the world of blogging.

I have to say withdrawal from blogging leads to other addictions like having a few too many wine glasses and becoming a stage-five clinger to your parents.

I’m back on the blogging horse today and ready to share my latest baked good.

I was browsing around for a classic recipe with a twist and I stumbled upon a box of rice krispies in the kitchen. Well there you have it.

6 cups of krispies and a saucepan later, you have these little things! They taste just like a krispy should, but require some after bite clean-up, as the mallows were so decadently melted, it was hard to eat like a lady.

The pink sprinkles made me feel like I had yet again become the champ of Pretty, Pretty Princess. (Yes, I still play…and WIN!)

So for this week’s good deed, I gave these krispies to the local church food pantry so they could also feel pretty in pink.

What are your good deeds for the week?

Peace, love, and pink!


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