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Wine down, lately? Forgive me, I’m cheesier than a cheeseball.

If you’re like me, your palate deserves to be pampered once in a while. I have never been a kegstand kind of girl and prefer my drinks to come in fancy transparent carafes instead of dull shaped bottles. College was always a struggle because I looked 45 instead of 20 holding a wine bottle or glass at any normal dorm party. Yes, I was that whiny girl who ruined the integrity of “the beer run” to pick up a “fancy” type of wine so the swanky in me would be appeased.

Flash forward about 2 years after graduation…last year my boyfriend and I took a cruise and I soon discovered the second best next to chocolate- dessert wine! We had just been walking back from “fancy dinner night” when the smell of chocolate cake had caught my nose.

Rounding the corner, we noticed a crowd begin to form in the atrium and the smell intensified. Finally, a few steps later, I was able to see and smell both of what my thoughts were conveying. It was indeed chocolate…but in the form of DESSERT WINE!

Most dessert wine is served at the Four Seasons Hotel or Le Parker Meridien to the debutantes and Donald Trumps of our time. It is supposedly an “acquired taste” and 4 oz. is a better aphrodisiac than an oyster dinner.

I can confirm my acquired taste has been acquired and that I did consume about 5 times more than 4 oz…so you can guess what was involved with housekeeping the next morning. (yup, obligatory TMI…)

Anyway- this amazing experience can all be attributed to Fonseca Dessert Wine. Love at first glass.

At first, it tastes like an American made candy. Second glass tastes like Lindt in the middle of the real Swiss Alps, and by the third, you’re the lead in Chocolat, starring next to dream lover Johnny Depp. (Swoon moment!)

Bottom line…Fonseca dessert wine is expensive, worth every penny, and the perfect spark to a romantic evening. They gave au the best wine opener amazon like a gift, I loved it!

Bottoms Up & Sips Away!

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