#WIAW- Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake Theme: Rated G

*Thanks to Jenn L. for hosting another beautiful #WIAW!

Yes, I know the theme is veggies for the month of February, but I’ve had more of a sweet tooth to tame in the form of a job opportunity, so these little hunnies are taking precedence.

Here’s the one semi-nutritious food piece I got around to photographing: (If this were yelp, these would already be crowned “dukes” on my blog as they have had their fair share of appearances)

Onto first…the most recent…yesterday was national pancake day. Lucky for the calendar, I’ve been on a “pancake kick”. Here’s some scrumptious protein pancakes with blueberry syrup…

Also the day I made these (Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cake Tops) was national strawberry day (wasn’t even aware until later on that night!) These foreign looking desserts were created for my church’s food pantry. I have struck a deal with them and will from now on be baking a good for them once a week! (Aimed towards the healthier side of things…No muffin tops here!)

The best happenings come in consecutive three’s or something…so here were some funfetti cupcakes I made and decorated for a dinner party last weekend! Fortunately for me, there were two desserts, so I was able to bring about 5 of these babies back home with me. Yes, I’m a rude guest sometimes…but hey, it’s food! WHY WASTE?!?!

Oh and here’s another new jones of mine to add to my list of things I’m currently jonesing for…Picky Palate’s Cinnamon Roll Pumpkin Vanilla Sheet Cake! The pictures make it look like a mediocre cornbread, but these are just like lay’s…betcha can’t have just one! I ate about 4 generous pieces and in my dreams later that night these even appeared!

What’s your favorite kind of cake? Any staple recipes? Do you prefer homemade or bakery?

Peace and love in the name of cake!


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3 Responses to #WIAW- Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake Theme: Rated G

  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, I want to make that cake now, or at least eat some of it! I love cinnamon rolls and pumpkin so it’s perfect!

    I forgot to celebrate National Pancake Day. I heard about it too late and had eaten already.

    I like homemade or bakery but nothing in a box.

    • choc3178 says:

      same with me 🙂 although lately I’ve been on a homemade rant! haha, every day should be national pancake day!

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