#MotivationalMondays- Track Star/Bloody Bleachers Workout

We are almost past winter’s most depressive month: February. Fortunately, the Northeast has been spared by crippling cold and snow mounds the size of tsunamis this season. The willow trees are currently not weeping at the moment, as there has been bountiful sunshine and unseasonable temps. After writing this, I’ll be sure to “knock on wood” to ensure jinxing isn’t a reality.

Yesterday, even though the temperature read 42 degrees, it felt like a balmy Miami day. My weapon of workout choice was the local school track a few blocks away from my boyfriend’s house. (I kid you not- I haven’t utilized the outdoors since September, so this was a welcomed change.)

We always begin with 2 warm-up laps and then head to the “bloody bleachers” as I like to call them. (Placing “bloody” before words for me is kind of like an approved swear.)Why bleachers? They increase endurance, heart rate, and tone your thighs and hammys way more than any Suzanne Somers video. Also…um…it’s a FREE piece of equipment. No shipping, no handling, no monthly deductions.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  • Run 2 laps (Most tracks this equals 1/2 a mile, but to be safe, use your Nike+ or Runkeeper apps.)
  • Head to the bleachers
  • Run up and down all rows of bleachers twice pretending like you’re the next star of a Nike commercial

  • Exhale. Inhale.
  • Perform the following bleacher moves:
  1. One legged Squat/Tricep Dip– Find a row of bleachers and have a seat. Place your hands near your thighs on bleacher, legs bent out in front of you. Slowly push up with hands and lift one leg. Now lower to the bleacher while keeping one leg extended. Come back up. Rest if you need to. Perform this for 30 seconds on each leg.
  2. Bleacher Push-Ups. Self explanatory. Watch your form!

  • Now… it’s back to the track you go! Another 2 laps!
  • Return to bleachers. Run up and down all rows twice.
  • Perform the following:
  1. Front Lunges. For 30 seconds on each leg.

2. Back Lunges. For 30 seconds on each leg.

  • You guessed it…track time! Finish off with 2-4 laps!
  • Total time: 30-45 minutes
  • Cals burned: Around 320

Here comes my favorite end to an endorphin producing workout…FOOD!


Peace, love, and may the track be with you!



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