Relationship Status: Foodever Engaged

You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. For instance, my room was like walking into a 90s pop shrine a few short months ago and now it’s a pristine “bar harbor beige”… which is clearly making me sound 83 and way less cool than The Golden Girls.

As that chapter in my life was closed and sealed with a fresh new coat of paint, I am now supposed to suddenly develop bug “feelers” and adapt to my environment. It has sadly been 4 months since the room redo and I have yet to experience a full night’s rest uninterrupted.

This brings me to my latest foray, or actually, what am I saying?- ongoing romance- with food- flaws and all.

Let me start off by saying that I consider indulging to involve a piece of chocolate with every meal. (Notice- I did NOT say ENTIRE BAR…for the grammar and personal critique police out there)

It dawned on me yesterday, in between cupid’s arrows and Russell Stover’s chocolates, that I couldn’t remember the last time I actually just sat down and pigged the eff out.

I decided Valentine’s was the utmost appropriate holiday to rediscover the euphoria from stuffing one’s face. Since my boyfriend lives eons away and it’s the work week, I set a date with my ex co-worker for dinner at her house. (Not sure if you’re even supposed to say “ex” on V Day, but that’s what Saturday Confession is for)

All I had to do was bring over salad and garlic bread. Ok, but being the “always writing an extra paragraph person” that I am, obviously brownies were a complete shoe-in.

So if you hadn’t guessed, the meal planned was Italian themed. Or more Italian-American themed. (As the gravy or should I say sauce, was jarred (but good) and the spaghetti wasn’t handmade in my vintage Tuscan pasta maker. (I wish…Take notes for Christmas, my friends!)

Since I had not seen “ex co-worker” in light years, we worked up a gab-ettite chatting and laughing. (Not to mention- I had just came from the gym.) This is the perfect recipe for disaster…low blood sugar = MAYDAY!!!!

Finally, it was time to break bread and not a word was said. I graciously helped myself to spaghetti, about 4 serving sizes over, and loaded the other half of my plate with greens to try and calm the “healthy” voice in me.

(Sorry- no pics of this meal…my phone was in the car! I know, I felt naked too.)

Meatballs were the supporting acts of the feast, along with garlic bread. But, dessert actually pushed me into a state of bliss. Brownies (okay, you got me- they were store bought) with Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch gelato. Alone, these two are mediocre, but together, they are like Siskel & Ebert, “two thumbs up.”

Here’s somewhat similar to how the brownies I purchased looked:




The above paragraphs are the reasons why I’m “foodever engaged“. If you think about it, food is our security blanket, companion, nemesis, and gym teacher all rolled into one. We’ve been through our 5 star and our 1 star days, but through it all-food- you are the “apple of my eye.” To this, I raise a cup of flavored coffee paired with a chocolate croissant and lovingly say, “I do.”

Anyone else experiencing a foodover after Valentine’s yesterday? Do you go all out on holidays? How do you compensate for overeating?

Peace, love, and food!


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