#MotivationalMondays- Valentine’s Day – Tone It Up Girls Feature!

A moment ago, this workout was all set for the presses to be Whitney themed, but since we’ve had too much commentary/speculation surrounding her, I will spare you. Just go and listen to Whit’s greatest hits for me and that would be the “greatest love of all.”

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is tomorrow? 2012 is flying by, so if you are still religiously watching people run around your neighborhood instead of actively participating, um hello you’re destined to stay that way and forever hold your piece.

You can overindulge in chocolate, heart shaped cookies, and expensively themed dinners; but only after taking a look at this fabulous workout from the Tone It Up girls-Karena & Katrina!

Did you actually do it or just yawn over that part and continue reading this post? I’m placing an imaginary STOP sign right here, so you can’t go any further without pushing play on that video. Trust me, your abdominals and gluteus maximus will indicate you don’t need or even want to open that heart-shaped box of chocolates while watching Lifetime movies after completion. My parts were burning after. (with love of course!)

Here’s a complementary breakfast pairing for ONLY AFTER you’ve sweated it out with the Tone It Up girls- Love yourself first!

Heart-Shaped Protein Pancakes with Strawberry Puree



  • 1/2 cup super moist betty crocker confetti cake mix
  • 1 scoop Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder
  • 3 egg whites
  • 5 strawberries (pureed in a blender beforehand)
To make puree as a topping instead of including in the batter:

  • Add your strawberries to the blender or food processor with light brown sugar or some stevia to add sweetness. If you want a syrupy consistency, add honey or molasses.
  1. Mix, mix, mix!
  2. Pour into cookie cutters on pan.
  3. Remove cookie cutters off of pancakes after batter begins to bubble.
  4. Flip pancake over to cook other side about 4 minutes in.
  5. SERVE!

*Feel free to add stevia or agave to the batter if it’s not sweet enough. I topped this with peanut butter and agave afterwards.

*I added strawberries to the batter too and then drizzled my puree over the pancakes at the end.

Question: Oh and it’s PowerCakes #MirrorlessMondays…so what body part are you most proud of today?

Answer: Today I’m beginning to notice definition in my upper lat muscles, which is huge because in the past, a tan would only reveal I had any muscle up there at all. So yay!

Peace, love, and the greatest love of all-(yourself!)


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3 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Valentine’s Day – Tone It Up Girls Feature!

  1. Meg says:

    oh goodness girl 😉 lat definition!? 😉 THE BEST! you rock! high five! congrats! be proud 😀

    those pancakes are the cutest ever by the way! I need those little cookie cutter/molds!

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