#WIAW- Food Swings Are Well Worth The Experience (And The Wait…)

If you listen to top 40 hip hop as much as I do, you’re familiar with the highly intelligent lyrics from “Racks City” by Tyga. Well, it just so happens that Clear Channel Radio or whatever media conglomerate that owns the means to support this communication medium- can count me as a successful statistic- as anytime I hear anything that rhymes with racks I immediately am programmed to hum a parody.

Take for instance- Sunday brunch in Hoboken this past weekend. A cute pancake house sandwiched in between two ethnic restaurants, called Stacks. Upon arrival, my boyfriend and I were greeted with a snake line out the door, thus leading to me smacking my head about forgetting to make a reservation. (When I am starving, I breathe fire.)

My only salvation (which probably stemmed from my hunger delirium) was to solace myself by reiterating Stacks City, b****! (We are PG on this blog.) Hunger and cursing mix well, but cursing and small children (there were many) lead to parental explosions.

I love Stacks all the way down to the trees where their maple syrup comes from, but having your guests stand and stare at those delightfully chugging back free refilled coffees and gorging on mile high belgian waffles is basically a precursor to the third world war.

(You can tell I wrote this when I was hungry.)

Here’s the happily ever after picture:

Seems like my chocolate-y ness is rubbing off on the boyfriend as HE was the one who ordered chunky monkey pancakes, NOT I.

Okay, onto a more mediocre, less passionately enraged meal:


I made this last night using what I had and the result was at least 3 helpings on my part. (Thank god for almost 2 hours of exercise!)

I also crafted a thin mint smoothie with these on Monday morning that I purchased from yes- the wonderful streets of Hoboken. (I will move there once full-time employment comes a knockin’.)

I’ll try to get around to posting the recipe sometime soon.

My fingers are sore from tweeting, squeezing weights, and laundry.

I leave you with item #4589 to always carry in your purse: something noshable and able to be opened in less than 5 seconds. #lessonslearned

(I usually do the above, but changed purses, so you know how that goes…)

How do you conquer hunger pangs in situations like this? Do you find snacks before hand harm or help you?

Peace, love, and food stabilizers!


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