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I don’t know about you- but I am always in the mood for a bumpin’ playlist to push my workout and heart rate to the next level.

I tend to experience intense A.D.D. whenever I download new music. I’m amused for 2 weeks and then move on. (Unless it’s Drake- that’s a solid never skip playlist)

I’ve had major issues with a workout plateau lately and couldn’t seem to generate any new material for my workouts because I had lost steam with my playlists.

A few weeks ago I was browsing around on one of the many social networks I belong to. (Seriously- it’s an addiction and it’s out of control, but it definitely doesn’t need to be stopped.) I noticed an app on the iPhone called FitRadio.

Since I already have IHeartRadio, I figured this was just another spawn of the same idea. Due to sheer boredom and the need to find motivation, I decided to try it out. I signed up and expected to receive a thousand confirmation e-mails with another 2 to follow up ensuring I had indeed entered the correct username and password.

Needless to say, this was all very painless. I signed in and clicked on genres. Immediately, the hip hop/top 40 sections stuck out like diamonds in the ruff. I clicked and thought this was where I would be bombarded with the same stuff I hear on IHeartRadio and Pandora, along with countless ads that don’t apply to me.

I was pleasantly surprised. My ears piqued and I went through an entire playlist without skipping or exiting and deleting the app. No ads what-so-ever. You can also add your favorite songs/DJ’s/playlists- easily customizable. From what I hear, FitRadio is pretty new to the app world, but I say they are well on their way to gaining a positive following.

It’s so refreshing to have a fresh face in an app world full of so much clutter. And…best part is, No more PLATEAU. I demolished that flat piece of land and am now climbing a mountain again. Cheers to challenges! Thanks @FitRadio!

Guilt-Free Brownie Points: It’s available in the iPhone app store for F-R-E-E. You have no excuses!

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