#MotivationalMondays- Body Like An Anaconda

Okay, so Anaconda is not the first image that pops into your head when you think sexy, sleek, toned body. It’s a slimy Amazonian reptile that predetermines its appetizer, main course, and dessert all within a tongue slither.

If you’ve seen the overbudgeted Hollywood film version, you either:

1) laughed at the sub-Oscar acting,
2) recognized J.Lo and Ice Cube, walked out mid-showing
or 3) bought into what filmmakers were trying to sell- (a horror thriller) and shrieked like the female that you are

Anacondas– known for stalking their intended prey and striking at the most opportune time slowly squeeze their 26-foot body around their victim like a Yankees player clasping their bat after a home run. They don’t let go until “it’s outta the park!”. You can now surmise what gory details ensue since it’s rated “V” for me…

You may not see the similarity between the human body and anacondas, but it’s there. It’s all in their muscle tension. An all too common fitness complaint from women- “I don’t want to be too muscular!”. However- in order to burn calories fat, you need muscle. You can’t have E= MC2 minus the second half! Start to admire the anaconda for all its strength.

Here is a quick workout focused on building long, lean muscles without looking like another foresty friend- the “juicehead gorilla”.

1) Anaconda Adductor– You can mimic the anaconda’s grasp around its prey with this exercise. Take a small towel, water bottle, pilates ring, etc. and place it in between your thighs. Slowly squeeze up into an arch position. Pulse legs together 10-12 times. Repeat for 3 sets.




2) Move Your Body Like A Snake. This exercise is awesome to properly build lower and upper back strength. Remember- you cannot aim to have six-pack abs without training the back as well. They are birds of a feather that flock together. Begin lying face down on the ground, arms outstretch near ears, legs flat. Slowly lift up arms and legs simultaneously. Hold for 2 seconds, slowly come back down. Repeat this 12 times.
—-NOTE: If you’re a seasoned vet, feel free to add in lateral movement (move arms into a “T” position and legs into a “V” position and back) to challenge yourself.




3) Plank-jacks. When executed properly, this is designed to work your entire body. Begin in a plank position. (Try to perform near a mirror to prevent butt and belly sag. Every part should be in a straight line.) Hold plank for 2 seconds. Then, begin jumping feet out into a floor jumping jack position and back. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps. (Heart rate should soar!)




4) Venomous V-Ups. Begin lying flat, arms over head near ears, legs stretched on floor. Slowly begin to raise arms and legs at the same time. (Try to reach toes.) Come back down. Increase speed as you go along. Hiss and repeat 20 times.

5) Squeeze, hold, contract. After the anaconda has paralyzed its prey with deadly venom, the final phase of it’s hunting and gathering method is completed by coiling itself around the victim. For this exercise, I suggest medium to heavy weights. Begin with feet a part, weights at side. Bend into a 90 degree angle. Raise weights above head while bent, and then slowly come down to ears. (Essentially, a stable holding shoulder press.) Repeat 12 times.




6) Uncoil Your Coil. After all that squeezing, your muscles need a rest. Lie flat on the floor. Cross one leg over the other and turn head toward side you just crossed over. Repeat on opposite side.

I cannot promise you will NOT be writhing in pain tomorrow.

Peace, love, and sleek like a snake!


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