*EAT LIKE ME*- January 11- Whole Foods Haul

Today is Wednesday. Usually everyone else posts #WIAW, but I have to make a mental note to remember to photograph all my meals before I delve into that hashtag.

I had lunch with one of my oldest friends, which consisted of a grilled chicken salad and some gossip. Then, I ran some errands and headed to Whole Foods. (an hour and a half drive) Every time I step foot into one of these, I can relate to any man or woman marathon-ing. The smell of fresh produce, meats, spices, baked goods, and coffee is enough to cause my palms apprehension. I am always lead to the baked goods section first by my nose and then all other areas follow. The race ends at the register where I learn my eyes fall victim to gorgeous packaging more than affordability. (There goes my blog tagline- out the window!)







Since I was on the go, I opted for the food bar which always exasperates my indecisiveness. I threw in some mixed greens, amaranth, carrots, quinoa, red quinoa, chickpeas, pecans, 1 slice pita bread, and a few pieces of grilled vegetable pasta.

Whole Foods also had my favorite soup on display today…Tomato Basil Pesto Quinoa. Totally grossed out by pesto in most scenarios, but the way it’s blended with all ingredients is truly five star.

As a sweet, I threw in a new flavor of Larabar I haven’t tried yet: coconut cream pie. I would have melted if I could after tasting. Usually I only consume half of a sweet and save for after a workout, but today I hardly had anything to eat, so the cookie monster in me devoured it all.

Working on some new recipes for the rest of the week which hopefully incorporate the use of my new mini crockpot!

Do you have a favorite healthy restaurant or specialty store you shop at? Are you a calorie counter? Do you include a sweet treat with every meal like I do?

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