Are You Counting Too Many Sheep?

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Yeah, this is what many of us Americans say. It seems we have all morphed into 24/7 overachievers. Between balancing families, activities, holidays, work, and jury duty, there really is not enough time in the day.

Work has bellied over into home/family time or vice-versa. I’m reading a book which anecdotally analyzes this phenomenon quite well.

The Nine Rooms of Happiness: Loving Yourself, Finding Your Purpose, and Getting Over Life’s Little Imperfections by Lucy Danziger (Self Magazine editor) and a psychologist- Carolyn Birndorf, M.D.

The book relates the different aspects of life to rooms in your house. There are nine, as the book title suggests. (basement, living room, office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, kids room, attic)

Each chapter outlines what exactly belongs in each room and how to go about organizing in that manner. For example, sleep deprivation is most likely due to stress 9 times out of 10. Whether it involves your family, work, friends, etc. bottom line from these two authors is that it has a time and a place. Figure out where those thoughts belong and ease your mind. The key is to somehow manage to kick the unwanted guest-stress– out of the bedroom ensuring you’ll never have to count another sheep again. In my opinion- easier said than done. Can’t we just be zapped before we sleep like they do in M.I.B? Clear conscience, no recollection of our woes…

Sleep deprivation and/or insomnia runs as deep as the lost city of Atlantis in America. It’s increased tri-fold since the era of cell phones, laptops, and round the clock news broadcasting. I label all of these distractions as buzzing bees.

How many of you sleep with a light/television on? Raise your eyebrows if you’re one of them. I’ll admit I’m a light sleeper. (I mean that in both the waken up easily way and actually keeping a light on way.) Ever since “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” on Nickelodeon years ago, I have not shut the light off since. Personally, I sleep better with the light on as opposed to off. Many others may experience interrupted sleep if they had committed to something like this.

My personal “buzzing bee” is NOT working out. I know it may sound strange, but the only way to ensure I obtain a full night of beauty rest is to workout. Otherwise, those bees will become so loud I’ll be forced to watch re-runs of mindless reality shows for hours on end. Ever since I can remember exercising has always exhausted me. A lot of people think I’m a freak of nature because if I have the time after a workout, I automatically pass out. I’m not an energetic person to begin with, but I definitely don’t feel a boost afterwards either. Can anyone relate?

What is your sleep aide (if you need one)? Any natural supplements (valerian, hops, chamomile) help? What are your buzzing bees? Would you ever choose the prescription route? Lights on VS. lights off?

Peace, love, and sleeping beauty!


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  1. Working out helps me sleep too! =) and also a really comfy bed/sheets, total darkness, and knowing I actually got things accomplished for the day help too!

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