I Pledge Allegiance To Take Tender Loving Care of Myself

I’m not one to follow all the commemorative months of the year, but I came across a site that told me it was “National Pledge of Allegiance Day” and had to take advantage.

If you are on break, you haven’t done much besides play with your iPad and eat leftovers. Let’s address the rest of next year starting today.

I want you (ladies and gentlemen) to schedule your annual health check-ups today. You don’t actually have to place a phone call to a doctor’s office, just mark it on your digital calendar as a reminder. Prevention and early detection of illness and other maladies is the key to a healthy recovery!

Ladies, these are the most important check-ups to schedule:

OB/GYN: once per year- annual pap smear beginning at 18, mammograms- 40, or sooner depending upon family history
*Always remember to give yourself a self-mammogram every month 2 weeks before/after your menstrual cycle

Colonoscopy: if family history of colon or rectal cancers then schedule one as early as your 20s; otherwise save this for your 50s (This goes for men as well.)

Bone Density test: 65+, screen for weakened bones/osteoporosis

Blood pressure screenings: Every time you schedule a doctor’s appointment this should be checked. Normal: 120/80. (Men as well.)

STD Testing: Once a year for those sexually active/multiple partners (Men as well.)

Vision test: Every year. After age 40, twice per year as this is when vision begins to degenerate. (Men as well.)

Skin Cancer Screenings: Every year or however often an anomaly pops up on the surface of the skin. Increase frequency of visits if you smoke heavily or drink as reports have shown this doubles your risk for melanoma.(Men as well.)

Dentist: Twice per year for cleanings/check-ups (Men as well.)

Certified Medical Practitioner (your regular doctor): Every year (Men as well.)

Finish your coffee so you have enough energy to think positively ahead for the New Year. Then get scheduling! Health should be your number one priority in 2012.

*This PSA was brought to you by a humanitarian disguised as a healthy lifestyle blogger.*

Peace, love, and posterity!


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