#MotivationalMondays- Holiday Hangover Edition

Anyone else wake up looking like a giant piece of ooey-gooey apple pie this morning? I mean apple chunks hanging from your ear lobes all the way down to your toes? Walk of shame to the bathroom as you felt you have grown extra limbs and can relate with the third part of Sir Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion? (Apologies for those who work for Scrooge’s and are forced to be a slave to the man this week. This morning to you was probably equivalent to sandpaper chafing your face.)

Despite the fact that we are in between holidays and many of us are kicking back, those calories won’t just remain as a memory but could turn into a natural relic on your body. I’m here to play drill sergeant today and at least get you off of the bed or the couch!

If you live in a climate where the thermometer has reached 45 degrees or higher today, get up right now and go walk or run around the neighborhood for 20 minutes. (Jumpstart that metabolism!) Walking to the refrigerator for leftover’s is worthy of imprisonment, so don’t try it.

1. Jump For Holiday Joy. If you have a staircase or even an area where there is a slight incline then this is what you should use for this exercise. Stand with feet a part facing incline. Carefully jump up onto incline and jump back. Do this 20 times, then walk in place or 30 seconds. Repeat.




2. Reverse Slippery Snow Angels. Grab an area that’s uncarpeted. OR… place a garbage bag or a few plastic bags beneath you on a carpet. You’ll need two plastic plates or something in which you can slide your hands upon. Lie face down, feet behind you, hands near your chest. Push up into plank position, gradually lower yourself down. Then take plates and push them forward and around back towards chest again. (Similar to a breast stroke.) Do this for 15 reps. Take a breather. Then repeat.




3. Modified Speed Skates. This will work your inner and outer thighs like you wouldn’t believe. (No apple pie will accumulate on these babies!) Begin standing straight. Grab your plates and place one underneath one of your feet. Bend down and with the foot that has the plate underneath slowly slide out and back. Repeat for 20 reps. Switch sides.




4. Prancer Pike Crunches. (He does this the night before he goes into the Christmas ring. His motivation: chocolate covered grass) Lie down flat on your back. (If you have any kind of lower back issue, please simply modify this to a regular sit-up. DO NOT overextend.) Place hands above head, feet outstretch. Now come up into a “V” shape. Try to touch your toes if possible. Hold for 3 seconds, come back down. Repeat for 12 reps.




5. Ripped Wrapping Paper Biceps. If you have an extra roll of wrapping paper lying around, grab it now! (Make sure it’s a heavier roll- or grab 2-3 if it’s not. Biceps are a giant muscle that act stubborn with less weight.) Stand with feet shoulder width a part. Hold wrapping paper horizontally. Bend into a curl up to your chest for 10 reps. Then for 10 reps begin at the top and bend only half way down. For the last, go full extension with 10 reps.




Do this and you’ll already be on day one of Santa’s “Nice” list for next year. No need to wait an entire week to start your resolutions. If you do wait, you may begin to smell like pie crust and be unwieldy when trying to fit through the door at work. You wouldn’t want to start your 2012 off as being the watercooler banter, now would you?

Peace, love, and health!


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