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It’s right around that time of year when we indulge and then receive a bulge as a Happy New Year present. Since I’m not one for resolutions, I have already begun to kick some ass. My usual exercise routine may become a bit trite, so I decided to turn to the old faithful- a DVD!

My sister asked for The FIRM as an early Christmas present and received it last week. I’m not partial to most exercise DVD‘s just because most do not raise the heart rate enough to burn more than one potato chip off your thighs. I’m an adventurous, intense DVD dabbler. (Think P90X, Jillian Michaels, Tae Bo, MMA)

It was Sunday night and the plasma was about to be taken over by a very boisterous thirteen year old. Instead of putting up a fight, I peacefully obliged to embark on the fitness journey with her.

I was quite confused when looking at the packaging The FIRM had arrived in, as it was more like a reference library book. I opened it and found 4 weeks (3 DVD’s per week)– labeled from beginner to advanced- claiming to shed that 10-15 extra lbs. in just 30 days.She popped the DVD in and I have to say I was NOT impressed at first.

The first DVD was a combo of cardio/resistance moves. Here’s the good: only 20 minutes, 8 reps of each. Thumbs down: lack of professionalism, choreographed moves are too fast, off the beat counting, no rise in heart rate. The “instructor” sounded like she was rushing to a train in Grand Central, and to be honest, the moves emulated this style as well.

Due to my lack of pleasure and low heart rate with the first DVD, we decided to give the second and third week a try as well. The second DVD was all sculpting. This particular “instructor” had her moves on point, but counting extremely off. I could see this definitely becoming frustrating to a newbie.

The third DVD was all cardio, kettlebell, plyo moves. This is more my speed and style. (My heart races for exercises like this- literally.) This “instructor” actually formed a syncopation with counting and the moves. Congratulations on your kindergarten graduation!

Overrall, the night before I was not impressed. The next morning when I woke up, it took 5 minutes of massaging my lower extremities to actually get up. I’m kind of mad they didn’t say “You’ll like me tomorrow”, so I could have been mentally prepared. The tender and soreness derived from my lack of doing slower repetitions mixed with cardio moves. (It also could have to do with me blasting through 3 DVD’s when you’re only supposed to do one. Overachiever, sorry!)

My recommendation: This is a great place to start for beginners. The DVD’s were $89 (for 4 weeks worth). If you are not keen on the gym and like being in the comfort of your own home while sweating it out, this is the way to go. Although a few of their moves and timing are off, in general, it’s not a big deal. As a beginner, you probably won’t even notice. (I’m just very meticulous and overanalytical.)

I definitely believe you can lose a few pounds in 4 weeks, while sticking to a nutrition plan. Remember: 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. Now go and get your well-balanced lifestyle started!!

Here’s an overrall description of what is in The FIRM package:

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