Don’t Wait ‘Til The Ball Drops: I Do Not Believe in (New Year’s) Resolutions Specifically

Every year we are bombarded with countless people, broadcasts, and advertisements screaming at us to make “this our year“. We really need a holiday to make sure we are eating right, taking care of our neighbors, and achieving all of our lifelong goals?

I used to be an avid believer in New Year’s Resolutions. After falling victim to many advertisements and magazine articles telling me how to better myself, I put the brakes on and realized it was yet again another gimmick candycoated with a talking head. I also would end up compromising my previous resolution of spending less by purchasing more magazines, how-to’s, and gym sessions. So thus a positive turns into a negative both on my bank account and on my mentality.

I am not shunning the word resolution in general. I specifically am taking a stand against New Year’s Resolutions. If we had advertisements running dedicated to bettering your mental/physical/emotional/spiritual state 24/7, 365, maybe Miss America would sound dated when she wished for world peace. Sales at gyms and self-help books seem to skyrocket during this time of year. Then, three weeks later, like Houdini, disappear into thin air taking your motivation, money, and willpower with it.

This post is a wake-up call. Yeah, it’s the end of the year, but that does not mean it’s time to throw your morals, eating habits, or money out the 12-story window. You should try and live life in the middle lane, not the fast or slow. You’ll always have the option to switch over to those lanes occasionally, but for the most part the middle lane maintains a stable speed of 55 and is well-balanced.

I want you to grab a pen and paper– no smartphones, ipads, or tablets allowed! Write down 12 accomplishments made within the past 12 months. They do not have to entail a heroic type of story. It could literally be anything. Here are mine:

Now…write down 12 regrets or missed opportunities you’ve experienced this past year. If you’d like, next to each, write a few ways to remedy the situation. (I didn’t because I was pressed for space and time.)

P.S.- It’s acceptable if you cannot think of twelve for each exercise.

Now starting right now you have caught the “I.M. Empowered” bug. Symptoms may include: motivation, tenacity, paying your bills on time, rekindling with an old friend, and eating in moderation.

The time is not December 31st at 11:59 P.M. to begin life changes under a state of drunken lucidity laced with streamers and noisemakers. Procrastination cannot steal your identity in this place of empowerment. So go ahead, get writing and take action!

“…Here today, gone tomorrow…”

Peace, love, and modification!


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