#MotivationalMondays- Is Your Sweat Naughty or Nice?

Santa and his reindeer are shellacking their sleigh in preparation for the annual “On The Rooftop” appearance. The elves are now working full 24-hour days with only Mrs. Clause’s cookies to sustain them. Thousands of miles south of the the N.P., we are all preparing for the holiday without the glamour of sprinkled sugar cookies being served to us on porcelain dishes or permanently plastered smiles. Worst of all- we have run out of tape. AGAIN. This is enough for someone who has been on the nice list to turn naughty. Would you believe me if I told you sweating it out would change your mind?

Here are a few quick at home moves to perform within about a ten minute period.

NOTE-*Your sweat should ALWAYS be naughty, but the after effects should be nice.*

1. Contortionist– All that baking/wrapping got your back in a twist? If you are feeling advanced today, please try this move. If you are experiencing any back pain or carpal tunnel, please refrain. Lay on your back on the floor. (Please be sure there is carpet or a mat). Place palms curled next to your ears flat on the floor. Push off into a half McDonald’s arch. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat twice-three times. Stretches the spine, abdominals, biceps, triceps, and neck.

2. Jack Be Nimble. (Do not use an actual candlestick.) I know while you’ve been procrastinating your holiday prep, you’re snacking to no extent. That adorable gift basket you got from your co-worker is merely gone. It was not all fruit, cheese and crackers either. Grab a step, cereal box, pillow, can, etc. and place it in front of you. Stand to the right side of the object and quickly jump laterally over to the other side. Jump back to the starting position. Perform this move for 1 minute.




3. Weighted T-Jumping Jacks. Carrying boxes down from the attic only counts for so much. If it was filled with Christmas ornaments, then chances are it’s not going to count for a resistance exercise. Take anything weighted (soup cans, water bottles, weights) and begin with them at your sides. Now jump out with feet and raise arms into a T-position at the same time. Act like it’s a normal jumping jack, but raise arms no higher than shoulder length. Repeat 50-75 times or 2 minutes.




4. Boogie Nights Biceps– You can pretend like you’re John Travolta with this move. Begin in squat position with weighted object and reach down toward opposite side with the weight. Slowly rise up into a half squat again, this time bending elbow to work biceps. Quickly twist arm around and shoot up aligning next to ear. You can even do the cool pointy finger at the top if you want. To advance this move, bring a leg up into a 90 degree angle everytime you raise your arm straight. Perform this for at least 1 minute.




**Repeat above four exercises for another round and then stretch with this last move below. This is not a choice, it is an order.

5. Tree Pose. Look at your tree. Now look at yourself in a mirror. Now envision yourself a sturdy as that tree, your feet acting as the deep roots penetrating into the ground. In a normal standing position slowly begin to elevate your hands and meet them into prayer position. Then, take one foot and slide gently up leg. You can place the foot below the knee (near the shin muscle) or above the knee. Hold this position for 2 30 second intervals. (One for each side of the body.)

THIS JUST IN– You are now able to resume regularly scheduled Christmas festivities. Make sure to have a hot cup of coffee or tea near you before you get sucked into a hypnotic black hole of snacking.

Peace, love, and Santa!


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