True or False: You Are Entitled…

If you immediately ended my heading with to a ferrari, to a million dollars, or even to health…well sorry, but Regis Philbin and I say you’re wrong. You lose. Game over. Sayonara.

Over my twenty-four years of living, I have noticed many human beings that walk this earth are shrouded in a perfume-y mushroom cloud of “me, me, me”. It also seems to extend to their children and their children’s children. You are allowed to act whichever way you wish (your conscious not mine), but when it comes to achieving do not get on the plane of entitlement.

If you aren’t a trust fund baby, deal with it. You don’t have money, you have options to build your money tree. The land of opportunity comes with hard work, not a silver spoon to eat the fruit of your choice. Even the trust fund babies have taken the plane of entitlement when they realize their money tree will only get them so far.

I was Christmas shopping several times over the past week and it seemed I was invisible not only in the parking lot but inside the stores as well. (flashback to my entire educational existence) I’ll give it to you that I’m short, but that’s no excuse to drive your cart into me ruthlessly to reach the last of the Nutcrackers before they sell out. Rudeness is something that belongs in a sassy Rihanna song, not branded on my body in the form of a bruise.

One could argue that this person does not think they are entitled, but wanting to spend their hard earned money. Yes, that may be true, but then why complain for five minutes on how you should have been gifted the nutcracker instead of buying the nutcracker. It’s called a Christmas list and the time for giving. Teleport your Scrooge back to the 1800s because it’s interacting with the Grinch and plotting to take over Christmas one entitled notion at a time.

This being said, entitlement makes itself known in many forms. First symptoms include “Why me?” “That’s not fair!” “I deserve that, not so and so…” I have realized the only precious commodities we deserve are water, food, and air. The entitled also believes they are better and can do it better than anyone else without having any prior experience. There is a difference here between confidence and sugar coated embellishment. Saying and doing are two different ideologies. You need both for success to appear at the finish line.

Why all the preemptive complaining jargon? I have really heard enough whimpering from the ungrateful. I used to fall into this ignorant class until I jumped out of the plane of entitlement and landed in the mature seat of hard work. (There is actually much less turbulence, too) Only when you have put in 110% effort are you entitled to complain.

The road less traveled always leads to a more bountiful feast in the end. So let’s transition this notion over to our relationship with food.

My mother takes the plane of entitlement every day. I watch her dine at the table with nothing but chocolate and frosted flakes. I watch her leave and then come back after work with a box full of donuts. I even see her hoarding M&M’s in a raisin box to mask her public vice. (probably where I get the chocolate addiction from)

Then I hear her take control of the plane of entitlement’s loud speaker and say the same thing every passenger says:

“I’m not losing weight. What’s wrong with me? I have tried and tried. Nothing seems to work. I give up. Where is my Snickers bag?”

I am surprised to hear the PA system has not broken from listening to so many of the same muddled, droning voice vibrations. This my bloggers and blogettes is a wake up call. Cancel your flight tomorrow and take the most versatile form of transformation: positive belief in yourself. Denial is obvious in the case I just stated, but in many cases it may take a lot more sleuthing to see just what is causing oneself to exude this attitude.

A mother that constantly denies herself is harder to break of habit than a puppy that’s not potty trained. If you are the victim of someone who refuses to get off the plane of entitlement, the only thing left to do is to sit and wait in that warm hard-working passenger seat on the ground. I’d hope the person on that plane receives a glimpse of what life could be like before they experience the white light.

Repeat after me: I am only entitled to clean air, fresh food, and water under my own terms. I make my own choices and therefore consequences. The occasional indulgence will not hurt me, but the end will be near if I keep pretending my cholesterol reads lower than my tire pressure. I am my own creator and am grateful for the wonderful senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and seeing. I vow to help others even when I feel superior and even when I may not be able to help myself. I am strong. I am willing. I want a better, healthier life.

Peace, love, and positive affirmation!


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