Acne: Your Weekend Buzzkill Is Served

It’s 4 P.M. on a Friday and you head to the bathroom. Upon greeting the reflection of yourself in the mirror, you notice a landmine on your face. A giant zit! As you move closer to check out the scene, you notice it has backup ammunition in the shape of small, circular bumps ready to attack.

As you rifle through your purse to find a temporary Messiah, your plans for the night quickly take the back burner. Happy hour followed by a small date and then out for a night on the town are now only accessible through your Sex and The City reruns.

There has to be a silver lining in these menacing clouds. I’m here to tell you there is.

First, make-up always works wonders on last minute breakouts.

Second– if you carry around a tube of toothpaste (not gel derived), slab on some for a half hour on trouble spots. This shrinks the pimple flat without scarring.


Third– If you have time and aren’t near human life, cut open a garlic clove and adhere to all inflamed areas for 30-45 minutes. The acids inside with severely diminish the pimple and prevent it from gaining another head.

Fourth– Add lemon juice and tomato to your skin care regiment to prevent further breakouts.

Fifth– See your gynecologist and get full hormonal tests. Acne is hormone related, so if you have too much or too little of a certain hormone, this could be the trigger. In many cases, birth control pills and low doses of antibiotics will treat acne fully.

Sixth– Get a facial! These pull out all impurities and replenish with good for you nutrients. Make sure your esthetician knows what they’re doing. A telltale sign they aren’t fully skilled is when certifications are not publicly displayed on the walls.

Seventh– Pimples like to forage in the oil ducts beneath your skin. Unfortunately when one-two pimples surface, this increases your chances for even further breakouts. Be sure as always to use a gentle cleanser. I would suggest an all natural ingredient derived one. (ex: Kiss My Face)

Eighth– Visit your dermatologist and natural foods store regularly. Take advantage from those experienced in the field. Dermatologists may be expensive if uninsured, but this could prove to be worth it in the end.

MYTHBUSTER: Acne is NOT caused by diet. It’s usually an imbalance of hormones and sebum contained within the epidermis. This does NOT make you entitled to a greasy feast with a cherry on top dessert, but at least it will only make your stomach feel guilty the next time you go pig out.

Now that your acne has cleared, you may be left with an even worse reminder: scars. Most acne scars heal within 4-6 weeks, however depending on your body, it may take longer. For those pesky scars that still manage to stick around, I suggest to try applying an ice cube to affected areas. Usually, this will temporarily help reduce redness and swelling. You could always try some OTC brands, but just be weary of their contents.

Make up done. Hair curled. Sequin dress & jewelry-on. All that’s left to do is slip into those new Carlos Santana booties you purchased and grab your confidence jacket before you head out the door. I’ll see you at 8, cosmos on me!

Peace, love, and clear skin!


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