#MotivationalMondays- Cyber Monday- Stretch Your Body, Not Your Wallet

Happy Cyber Monday to all my deal brothers and sisters! Since Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve either done one of two things: eaten all leftovers or burned it all off by shopping literally until you dropped. Or maybe over half of you are eating leftovers while shopping online at this very moment. Don’t blame the scale when it reads five extra pounds today. All that free shipping will show on your waistline if you’re still sitting while eating while reading this.

It is holiday season crunch time so between your usually busy schedule and now the extra added annual holiday stress, your health may begin to wane. Anyone ever been sick on Christmas? Well, not this year. DID YOU KNOW…exercise builds immunity to certain flus and bacterias? Not saying put three hours in and you’ll get a month’s worth of defense, we all know it takes moderation and strong will for it to all synchronize like a modern day Pangea. Seriously though, sometimes the best medicine is a good sweat session involving cardio.

Enough ranting, on with the featured presentation: Cyber Monday- a workout designed to be fully functional with your online shopping schedule. While you wait for your credit card to be accepted (hopefully not declined)…you can do these 5 easy moves from your chair. (Your fingers will even thank you!)

1. Keyboard Stretch. Self-explanatory. After all these fingers and joints have been worked to the max either from stuffing the turkey or the duplication of your address on several order forms, you’ll need this. It relieves stress in the fingertips and knuckles, as well as stretching out the forearms and even biceps if you go deep enough. Do this as much as you’d like from the comforts of your chair.

2. Tricep Chair Dips. This proves to be an industrious exercise when trying to enact on a chair with wheels. (I found out the hard way.) Make sure you’re sitting on a stable chair. Place hands side by side of thighs, fingertips pointing towards desk. Place feet 1-2 feet out- so your knees create a 90 degree angle with the floor. Last, it’s time for lift off. Push yourself up and hold for 1-2 seconds, then bend arms downward towards chair and repeat. Be sure to keep elbows inward as close to the body as possible when pushing down. I suggest completing 10-20 reps every time you make a purchase.

3. Superwoman Push-downs. Take a break now by getting up and placing your chair a foot or two away from you. Place your handles on side handles or sides of chair. Place feet behind you so you appear as an incline plane. Bend arms and push down and hold for 3-5 seconds. Push up and hold for 1-2 seconds. This one is more about endurance and strength. You should feel a burn in your shoulders, pectorals, and biceps…possibly even the abdominals!




4. Zen Side Squats. Ladies take a look! This great little number is awesome for posture, inner/outer thighs, and tush! Everything you need to tone in order to look killer in those new heels you just purchased. This is typically a yoga/pilates move. You can do this without the incline of a chair if need be. (But since you’ve been sitting for so long- I think you should be up for the challenge!) Begin by placing one foot on top of chair and hands in prayer position. Bend down making sure your knee does not pass your toes and rise back up. Repeat 25 times on each side. Yes 25. Now G.I. Jane says “Go!” 




5. AHH!mazing All Over Body Stretch. Today’s small workout was designed to help motivate your muscles get back into the swing of things. End with this stretch. Place hands behind you (can be done on the floor as well) and lift entire body up to the ceiling. Stretch neck back gently. You should feel a tugging in your back, neck, legs and abs areas.

Note: I highly recommend performing these moves in pajamas. Five minutes prior to these pictures be taken, I was casually bumping around in my Betty Boop printed pants with a ballet slipper cami circa 2000. No judgments here!

Peace, love, and free shipping!


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