How To Stress Less During The Holidays

So Thanksgiving is just about one week away and yet again another crazy, wild but worth it holiday season begins.

I don’t know about you but I feel like summer was just a day ago.

Why is it that time flies faster and faster as each year passes?


Not sure, but it’s nothing a little vino and dark chocolate can’t solve 😉

So with all of this Holiday talk, it’s easy to begin seeing red…red in your eyeballs from so much online shopping and red in your bank account as a result of that late night shopping.

It’s so important to stay on track and not allow stress to get the best of us. (easier said than done, I know)

I have a few tips to share with you on how to cope with the stress your in-laws, 14 cousins and 12 days of Christmas may bring.

First…BREATHE! It may seem like a no-brainer…but did you know on average, every day, we do NOT even use 1/3 of our lung capacity? Yup, that’s right. Which is why your head could feel like a balloon ready to burst at any moment.


Second…make sure you carve out some decompressing “me” time…whether that is five minutes in the shower, one hour at the gym, or meditating before you rest, just DO IT. I can promise you it will be hard to schedule for, but if you plan out ahead of time, it can make all the difference in how you handle your expected and unexpected stressors this Holiday season.

Third…STAY HYDRATED. America, did you know even the healthiest people are dehydrated? It doesn’t bode well for our bods when they are made up of 70% water, so be sure to carry a water bottle around with you during those shopping trips/parties/family visits.

Fourth…Do not stress about things you cannot change. This is a big one that’s very difficult for a lot of us to overcome. For example, if there are certain members of your family who you cannot stand, do not waste your energy on thinking about how awful it will be to spend time with them. Rather, think of other ways to bring light to the situation. One thing I do a lot of is cooking and cleaning during the holidays…which may seem like a stress to some but to me it is therapeutic. It allows me to refocus my energy through things that bring me positive light.


Fifth…PLAY MUSIC EVERY DAY. PLAY IT LOUD. So if music means nothing to you then disregard this tip. However, if you are a music lover and literally eat, breathe, pray, and sleep music (like me) then play the crap out of it. Play it as loud as you’d like. Sing along. I always whistle while I work…whether it be in my apartment, in my car or occasionally in public. 😉

Sixth…Go to sleep! Try to get at least 6 hours or more of rest. Trust me, when I get less than 8 hours I am the she-devil! So, take my advice and do it. Even if you don’t notice a difference in your personality, others may. It’s tough to be on the receiving end of someone’s exhaustion! It’s always important to make sure your bed is comfortable too…so be sure to check this one out to make your nights comfier.


Last but not least…Give back! Whether it be volunteering at a soup kitchen, pitching in some goodies for the unfortunate or just attending church and listening to the sermon. Any and all are so important…and I truly believe in giving to others acting as a positive therapy for ourselves.

So this Christmas…will be…a very STRESS-LESS Christmas…indeed…

What are your best tips for staying sane thru the holiday season?

Peace, love and smiles!


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