#FitBlogNYC Recap

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Ah the most glorious day of the year took place last Thursday, October 16. No, it was not my birthday or even some strange early Christmas celebration… (although it might as well be in my book!) #FitBlogNYC happened!

#FitBlogNYC is a blogging event hosted by Fitness Magazine. It’s their third year hosting it and every year they outdo themselves. It’s mainly created for bloggers to actually meet in person. At the event, there are several sponsors who give you free product in turn for you sharing them in some way, shape or form on social media. In addition to sponsors, there are valuable listen and learn sessions from speakers of all different health, fitness and food backgrounds.

If you go to any blogging event, this should be THE ONE.

Not only is is set in beautiful NYC, but it’s free admission and a great networking event to grow your online presence.

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So the food is always fantastic and super healthy…this year breakfast involves JUICES (you know right up my alley!) and fruit with a delish strawberry sauce and either the choice of muffins or scones…both vegan and gluten free. YUM.

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photo 5The first few speakers expressed the importance in maintaining the balance between a healthy dose of exercise and overtraining.


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Oh…Carla Hall was next…and I got a pic…no big deal! 🙂 She’s going to be launching her new restaurant pretty soon, so stay tuned!

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After the speakers, we made our way to the sponsor tables!



You know my soulmate was right by my side the entire time…I love her, she even waited for me in the NYC rain before we went in! 🙂

Soulmate (Karina) & I plank challenging it up at the Tonalin table! You can do anything for 30 seconds :)

Soulmate (Karina) & I plank challenging it up at the Tonalin table! You can do anything for 30 seconds 🙂

We didn’t have the opportunity to take out of the norm pics this year (no photobooth fun!) but we did get a minute to cheese together 🙂


Oh and of course there was more greenie goodness…

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There was one more panel of speakers left…this was all related to blogging. One of my favorite bloggers, MizzFit Bianca was invited to speak. Everyone had such great information and was so inspiring!

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The day was over…but as if we had not been showered with enough product love…we were blessed with this GINORM bag of goodies! Seriously, I’m five feet and I felt like I was carrying a whole other me!



The swag was so absolutely amazing. I feel so honored and incredibly lucky to have attended for the third year in a row!

This jewelry really spoke to me, I think it’s my fave part of the swag!

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Thank You Fierce Forward For Life & Erica Sara!

Many thanks to Fitness Magazine and all sponsors: Hoka One One, Tria Beauty , Luna, Balance Bar, Pure Protein, Tonalin, Eddie Bauer, Dermalogica, and Oster

Peace, love and blogging events!


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