Deconstructed Cherry Chocolate Mint Blizzard

If your tastebuds are anything like mine and you were lucky enough to live near a Dairy Queen that was opened year round, blizzards were ARE the hallmark of life. Along with… maybe…your tamagotchi and cabbage patch doll.

Dairy Queen was my equivalent of today’s Mickey D’s. I always had a tendency to crave more towards the sweet and less toward the salty.

I lived off of blizzards for probably way more of my childhood than I should have. When I actually discovered how detrimental these blizzards were to my health, I knew it was time to eliminate them.

Eliminate is a powerful word…maybe it’s more appropriate to say I took a blizzard hiatus.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started making healthier substitutions for foods/sweets I loved. I’ve become pretty good at subbing this for that, without any outside help from the Eat This, Not That diet.

The past few weeks I had been craving ice cream in the worst way…the blizzard way!

My frozen banana faux yo wasn’t cutting it, so I was faced with the temptation of DQ Chips Ahoy commercials and actually contemplating giving in.

Luckily for me, my willpower and the fact that my stomach was beginning to resemble a flat tire, stopped me. A trip to Whole Foods proved to be a healthy substitution.

I ended up creating a deconstructed blizz with the following ingredients: (cherries for added antioxidant benefit)


  • 1/2 c mint chocolate chip organic ice cream (Whole Foods brand)
  • 1 crumbled soft chocolate chip cookie
  • 3 frozen sweet red cherries
  • lightly drizzled maple cinnamon agave syrup

I’m no calorie counter but I can guarantee you this is nowhere near the calorie/fat content of what a regular blizzard clocks in at.

What are your favorite versions of the worst desserts/snack foods?

Peace, love and blizzards!


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