Thanksgiving/Black Friday Deals To Support Your Healthy Lifestyle!

Not a Black Friday advocate myself (I favor sleep over even the most legendary sales!), however these can be retrieved from the comfort of your own home. The following are a few deals from some of my favorite websites to shop on. Happy spending!

1) Origins.comNatural skincare line…Their products are perfect for both young and old. It’s never too early to start using anti-aging products!

2)– Nutritional Supplements…Carlson, a brand of vitamins I recommend has a 10% off coupon code. See below.

3)– Similar to Victoria’s Secret minus the overpriced, low-quality clothing. I have purchased several “basics” from this site as well as a few pairs of heels. Good buys! I threw this one in here because it will motivate you to slim down by simply looking at the models. I feel like every time I wander onto this particular site I lose weight just by staring.

4)– Natural ancient grain baking mixes…I plan on taking advantage of whatever gift sale they have going on. I met the owner a few months ago who is just as sweet as the things she bakes!


4) Coconut Secret Almond Bars ( Splurge for the coconut lover in your family. These are pretty expensive and I have not found any deals currently running, but I have found these to be superior to many other coconut bars. 100% natural and totally worth it for someone you love!

5) Lululemon Atheltica (gym bags)- This tote pictured below is just as expensive as the Michael Kors wallet I want, but if you’re looking for something with a WOW factor for that certain someone on your holiday list, I’d say go with this. I’m not fashion educated by any means, but I personally (if and when I receive 🙂 don’t see what’s wrong with using it as an every day bag as well. That is what I call fully functional…work to sweat!

Peace, love, and healthy savings!


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