Your Two Dollar Alternative To A First World Problem…the spa

DIY ideas are a no-brainer way to save a ton of money while still gaining the benefits of a product or service you’d shell out a lot of dough for.

As a struggling entrepreneur, I find it incredibly comforting to know that there are ways to still have it all without spending it all.

Being pretty low maintenance, it’s probably hard for you to believe that I really dream of pampering spa days. I’ve only gone to a spa twice but it was glorious enough for me to add it to my “Routine things to do when I’m rich” list.

I’ve been training a lot lately. My muscles ache, my energy has been extremely low and I’ve been generally crabby. (and yearning for a masseuse)

My pain was intense enough for me to cancel Saturday night plans and lay lifeless on the couch.

I figured I’d try an epsom salt bath to alleviate my aches.

Epsom salt is a centuries old cure to a few different maladies. (aches/pains, constipation, wrinkles) Even though it’s a salt, it actually reduces inflammation and acts as a calming aid when poured into a bath.


It’s recommended to pour about 2 cups into a warm bath for optimal support. I also had two cups of honey chamomile tea at my side while in there.

I only was in the bath for a total of 15 minutes but it was just enough to loosen up my pulled muscles and sore knee joints. It felt just like the spa minus the expense and extra tipping principles.

I highly recommend pampering yourself and your sore muscles at least once or twice per week. Epsom salt runs between $2-$5 and can be found at your local pharmacy, health food store or other retailer.

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2 Responses to Your Two Dollar Alternative To A First World Problem…the spa

  1. I used epsom salts for the first time during my last marathon and they helped to just soothe and relax my legs. Will definitely be using them again next time I’m training!

  2. Nicole says:

    I LOVE Epsom salts, I even use them to soak my feet with a bit of essential oils for detoxing. They are fab!

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