#MotivationalMondays- Bikini Body Blast

It’s March 24, which means while the forecast doesn’t indicate it’s actually spring, the calendar does. And after spring comes the most wonderful time of the year…SUMMER.

It’s about this time (or sooner) when all those New Year’s Resolutioners slack off and slip back into their old habits. It’s also the time when all you spring breakers fast or cleanse in order to try and attain your best body physique before heading towards the equator for some fun in the sun.

Obviously, weight loss must happen gradually in order to properly maintain. So while you may believe you’re beginning to see some cuts in your abs due to all your crash dieting and starvation, it’s all a figment of your beer goggled imagination.

The more appropriate approach to bikini season is to allow yourself a few months of proper nutrition and exercise for longer lasting results. Don’t act like you haven’t heard it before!

I’ve been really trying to focus on my nutrition lately…have you heard I’ve even given up bread for lent? That’s how you know it’s on…

I’ve also been tightening up my workouts. Not that I wasn’t beast mode before, but now I focus on a few muscle groups as opposed to several all in one day.

Here’s a good overview of some exercises to perform in less than 30 minutes at the gym to get that bikini bod:



Oh…and hey there, giveaway…it’s been a while…sorry I’ve been MIA…here we go with the winners:

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Congrats ladies!

Peace, love and bikinis!


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