Guest Post: Staying Committed To Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s at about this time every year we tend to doubt ourselves or lose interest in the goal we had been pursuing for the new year.

The key to reaching a goal is commitment, which doesn’t come easy if it’s boring or arduous on the road to reaching it.

Since I’m a health coach, most of my daily life involves goals, time management and most important of all…maintaining focus towards it all. Tasks are not completed without an end result or drive in my case, which is why I’m a huge fan of weekly/monthly goals rather than yearly ones.

Blake Daniels, a guest blogger, shares his incites into keeping the spark alive amongst your Health/Fitness related New Year’s resolutions:

Sticking to Your Resolution
Committing to a healthier lifestyle that includes positive changes to one’s dietary and exercise habits improves one’s physique, energy level and mood. This is especially important for those of us with children because extra energy is needed to keep up with their activities. There was a point about a year ago where I couldn’t even run with my boys for more than five minutes before I had to sit down and take a breather. After that I made a personal decision to make my health a priority. Establishing long-term habits for good health may be difficult to begin, but the results are amazing and can drastically turn the clock back on the aging process. Here are a few tips I have come up with to help you stick to your goals of leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Exchange the Car for a Bike or Walking Shoes

If you use your car for nearly 100% of your transportation needs, it may be time to change the driving versus biking or walking ratio. Keeping the car parked is a great way for you and your family to get fit and save money in the process. If you live within a mile or so of a shopping center or park that you frequent, you and your family can in most cases quite easily take to the streets on bikes or on foot; the same goes for those who live fairly close to their jobs. The key to implementing this tip appropriately is to walk or bike more than you ride; for instance, one can ride 20% and walk or bike 80% of the time. The 20% driving time can be used strategically during bad weather or requirements for longer distance travel. I realize this can be difficult if you live far outside of town but every time you’re driving somewhere. Take a moment and think if it is practical to walk or bike it and if it is take the plunge.

Financially Commit

One way to truly get someone’s attention no matter what the circumstance is to dip into their wallet. If you honestly want to make these changes in your life prove it by committing financially to it. One thing I recommend is a longer gym membership. Instead of opting for a month-to-month plan buy a 6 month plan. This way you not only are saving money but you also are going to be committing enough money to where you’re going to make sure you get some sort of return. Along with a gym membership there are various monthly food subscriptions you can enroll in. Shari’s Berries has a monthly fruit basket, which features some wonderful items and healthy snacks. My brother-in-law just started a 6-month plan and he loves it so far. Each month when that arrives it not only reminds him of this commitment he made mentally but also of the one he made financially to start eating better.


Start a Backyard Garden

Starting a backyard garden is educational and fun for the entire family, It is also a way to get exercise and improve one’s diet at the same time. Anyone who has built vegetable garden beds, tilled soil or weeded a garden knows what great exercise gardening can be. Also, the garden grown vegetables are sometimes much tastier and nutrient rich than their store bought counterparts if the gardener knows how to properly feed and care for the garden. My grandpa started a garden after he retired and tended to it until he physically couldn’t anymore and it was great for him physically and mentally. Also who doesn’t love receiving fresh vegetables as a gift.


Create Consistent Sleeping Patterns

Getting into a routine of any sort takes time but once you have done it for a while it begins to feel like second nature. Healthy sleeping patterns are so important and many people neglect this practice. You should pick out a time you want to be asleep at every night and turn off all technology an hour before that time. This way your body and mind has time to wind down before you actually try to sleep. I realize with kids and work it is impossible to be asleep at the same time every night. However if you try to set a schedule eventually your body is going to take the hint and start to adapt. Creating healthy sleeping patterns will lead you to wake up feeling much more alert and focused which will give you the drive to accomplish what you need to during the day.
Getting in shape and eating right can seem so difficult at times but it really is not. If you honestly want to do it and you put forth the effort you will see results. Just take it one day at a time and remember what you are working towards. Life can be so busy sometimes and being tired and sluggish does not make it any easier. Take the plunge and get yourself active and energized you will not be sorry!

How are your monthly goals/resolutions coming along? 

Peace, love and commitment!


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