-Things To Try Thursdays- Jergen’s Natural Glow

Dry skin is not a cute winter accessory, especially when it flakes off onto your new black Christmas sweater or designer bag. I have always ignored the largest organ of the body until it waged full war on me this past summer. Dry skin covered not only my face but arms, stomach, and legs. I decided to take a trip to CVS- one of my first for a beauty product- and stumbled upon Jergen’s “Natural Glow.” Being the sun worshipper I am I saw the benefit of purchase being that it killed two birds with one stone. No more dry skin + tan? I’m sold! I have never used a self-tanner in my life either.

I began using it towards the end of the summer and noticed my dry skin was gone within a few weeks. I did not notice my skin color enhanced until a co-worker pointed it out to me. It leaves no orange streaks, smells great, and moisturizes! I am now sporting my winter skin more confidently as it is a tad bit darker and less flaky.

I 100% support this product. Another unnamed benefit…I used this on my face for a few weeks despite my erratic sensitive skin and I have less breakouts! And also…go get the instant results bottle too if you need a last minute “glow”. Satisfy your skin’s thirst for moisture and beach bum beauty all in one!

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