-Things To Try Thursdays- Vegan Cuts Review

Here a V, there a V, everywhere a V-V…

We’ve all seen them. The “V”‘s on your produce, canned goods and boxed foods.

No, they aren’t a secretive stamp of feminism but actually a guide for vegetarians and vegans.

Any kind of “V” on food indicates it’s usually vegan friendly. If you aren’t familiar with what vegans are…they do not consume any kind of animal products. (no dairy/no eggs/no meat)

My diet consists of 60-75% veganism, so I am no stranger to the “V” labels or foods which are vegan approved.

That being said, I was introduced to this awesome delivery service through Laura at Girls Gone Sporty, which caters to vegans specifically.

It’s called Vegan Cuts…it’s a monthly subscription service that has vegan/cruelty free beauty products or snack boxes as choices.

I was sent the snack box and obviously tore open everything possible immediately in true ravenous fashion. I saved just enough to make a youtube video for you all to see my personal unveiling of everything.

(Keep in mind each of these products change every month so you’ll get a fresh taste of tons of different vegan brands!)



Unpictured were the Hint Mints & Mahima Best Berries Antioxidant…honestly there wasn’t a product in my box that I didn’t like!

What’s been your experience with veganism or vegetarianism? Would you be open to subscribing to a monthly box?

Peace, love and go vegan!


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