Combat The Flu Without Compromising Your Pocketbook


January is a time to renew your resolutions, wear 17 layers of clothes just to walk to the laundry room and generally walk around permanently sick due to skyrocketing flu rates.

All of that frigid weather forcing everyone indoors isn’t just an excuse to veg out on the couch and enjoy several cups of hot chocolate. Another not so pleasantly enjoyed friend, Mr. Flu likes to invade the warmth of your body too.

What most people fail to realize is the flu is easily prevented…WITHOUT a flu shot or spending a trillion on medications to prevent/ward it off.

Here are a few inexpensive ways to combat the flu/cold season:


The number one most effective action you can take is simply scrubbing your hands with soap and water (and I mean SCORCHING HOT water) for about 20 seconds. Hot water kills most germs when it’s heated above 100 degrees. Grinning and bearing the heat is a small price to pay compared to two weeks of sickly bedrest, right?

2. Drink tea/kombucha and plenty of it. I am an annual tea drinker. I don’t take it up like basketball or football and only engage in it during certain seasons. It’s an every day…more than once a day thing for me. I usually fancy green teas, yerba mate, mint, or cinnamon. Most people are unaware, but tea raises your immunity. Despite its reputation for only being effective during a bout with the flu, most teas contain tons of antioxidants and other effective defenses for your immune system. I’m not saying you MUST absolutely drink tea every single day for the rest of your life to prevent sickness, but at least during the winter months try to aim for 1-2 cups per day. (Make sure it’s either green or herbal!)


3. Be mindful of your greens. I tout consuming greens like a lion chases its prey. Greens are so super important for maintaining your immunity against any kind of foreign invaders. The simplest way to get your daily dose if you’re not a salad eater is to juice them or throw them into a smoothie/protein shake to mask their taste. Spinach is a pretty neutral green to add in to most!

4. Take immune boosting supplements when those around you are sick. You don’t have to just accept that you’ll be the next one in the office to contract this year’s out of office for a week flu. If you take a vitamin C supplement in powder/liquid form (like Airborne) you’re more than likely to avoid the sickly situation. You can also pop some vitamin D3 capsules too!


5. Exercise. E isn’t just for eating or endorphins around this time of the year. It’s also vitally important for your immune system. Exercise actually creates antibodies which defend you from most flus and viruses. Try to aim for 30-45 minutes of heart pumping cardio or resistance training.

6. If you feel sickness approaching, I highly recommend taking this ridiculously scientific (and hard to pronounce) 3 pack of dissolvable pellets. They pretty much taste like dippin’ dots and you get to shot them, so how cool is that experience compared to doctor’s tongue depressor? 😉


All of the above costs less than $15 compared to a doctor’s visit and diagnosis meds which we all know can get pretty pricey these days.

Coming from a holistic background I always preach prevention before going the pharmaceutical route. Most people are blind to the fact that our bodies are capable of healing themselves with minimal help from the outside world, so always choose to do it through food or herbal remedies before pills!

What are your flu prevention methods?

Peace, love and no flu for you!


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