Things To Try Thursdays- SW Basics Lip Balm

Chapped lips are a kiss’s buzzkill. The flakiness and dryness makes me feel as though someone is in the process of paper macheing my lips for some sort of punishment. (probably for eating too many sweets)

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t have to be cold or dry for my lips to become sandpaper. I constantly am slathering some kind of lip lube across my puckers to keep them how nature intended.

That being said, I’ve had quite a few lip products that I can disappointingly say I’ve hung as notches on my bedpost. Most of the time my problem enlies with the duration of the lip product.

I’m strictly talking lip balms/moisturizers here. I rarely use lipstick and lip color as I feel clownish. Lip balms/light shimmers are usually the way I go.

A few months back I had attended the Fitblognyc event hosted by Fitness magazine and we received some lip service in the form of SW Basics.


SW Basics is a local, Brooklyn based company which creates lip balms with organic ingredients like beeswax, cocoa, and coconut oil.

I received a small tin of 4 different flavors to choose from- cocoa, citrus, cinnamon, peppermint. I immediately opened them and went for the cocoa first!


Before applying, I read all the ingredients on the outside of the lip balm tube. It’s really awesome when a brand lists their small ingredients list in plain sight. Makes me instantly trust them!

The cocoa contained: cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax

Wow. Compared to lots of industry standards I think I can live with that!

The biggest pros to SW Basics is that their lip balms don’t stick, they smell amazing and have the ability to double as a lip gloss as well. My lips maintain a smooth feeling and unless I eat or drink, I don’t have to reapply.

This face is saying "give me the basics!" I have the cinnamon flavor on here.

This face is saying “give me the basics!” I have the cinnamon flavor on here.

SW Basics provides a feeling of trust and intimacy. I feel as if the same ingredients I have in my kitchen cabinets can double as healthy skin food too, then it’s honestly an ideal harmony.

The company also has other skin care products and a vegan form of the lip balms I received too, so be sure to check them out!

What are you currently using for your puckers? 

Peace, love and lips!


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