Detox Sprout Salad

If you’re quite accustomed when it comes to bingeing albeit with alcohol or food, then you’re very familiar with the day after’s guilt and bloat.

He knows.

He knows.

I have a nasty hormonal habit of overeating followed by literally drowning in tears over the myriad of refined frankenstarches, chocolate and saturated fats I’ve consumed.

A bad conscience is no excuse for making poor decisions. My tastebuds are always left in a constant “I WANT IT ALL. NOW.” which juxtaposes my entire motto of being.

It’s really an inner conflict that I think in some way, shape or form we can all relate to.

While eating a giant salad, drinking a kombucha, or NOT EATING won’t cure you’re temporary derailments, detoxing your body will at least contribute to minimizing the bloat.

I try to incorporate a few detox meals or snacks either before or after I have binged. Anything with a vibrant green color is usually code for cleanse and acts to harmonize the body back to an alkaline state.

Here’s an example recharged snack I shared on my health coaching page the other day:

A healthy bird's nest

A healthy bird’s nest


  • 1/4-1/2 c alfalfa sprouts
  • 1/4 chopped avocado
  • 1 kirby cucumber

Mist with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste!

*If you don’t have a strong palate for sprouts, you can always change it to another green or even spiralize some zucchini/yellow squash to make it noodle like!

Do you have any traditions or tips for the doomsday after a binge?

Peace, love, & beat the binge!


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