#MotivationalMondays- Burnout Workout


Does anyone else ever feel like they are in a reoccuring showing of Alice in Wonderland? Late, late, late for a very important date?

You are not alone. I psych myself out sitting in rush hour traffic tricking myself into believing I will most definitely be late today. Often times I am not, but cut it very close.

If it weren’t for my morning inspiration R&B playlists, I would probably end up as a Xanax popping raccoon somewhere on the side of the road.

Time is of the essence. Time is fleeting. Time is valuable. Time is something we all need a little more of. I wouldn’t mind pushing the minute hand back most of the time. Especially if it means I could go back to inhaling a chocolate decadence over and over and over again.

We’ll leave the concept of time to the movie executives and our daydreaming selves at work.

This workout was specifically designed for all you bitchers and moaners who constantly blame old man time for your lack of motivation and laziness.

lavender swirl

There are only two moves, which you perform until exhaustion. This is a follow up to my post from the other day on burnouts vs. supersets.

Move 1: Chest flys

Move 2: Burpee

My recommendation: Begin the chest flys with your heaviest weight you can tolerate and decrease it as necessary. Burpees- yeah, you don’t get any breaks with this one. Trust me your whole body will love you tomorrow.

Peace, love, and burnouts!


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