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True Life: I’m a sweater. No, not the fabric or old, comfy Christmas kind. The sweat through your shirt, stink up your room kind. You know, one of those people who apply deodorant/anti-perspirant before and after any kind of function…including just a small stop in your convenience store trip.

No joke…I have almost as many trial size deodorants floating around my glove compartment and middle console as I do chocolate stashes. It’s quite the intoxicating mix for an endorphin filled drive.


However, if you haven’t heard…deodorants/anti-perspirants are playing for team corporate…which means all those Dove, Degree, and Secret ads displaying women who have not a care in the world flailing their arms about wearing their product is actually all a harmful to your health facade.

Deodorants and anti-perspirants, much like the concept of bottled water, arose out of strictly a marketing/advertising need. Our grandmothers and grandfathers smelled after a hot summer’s day or a stressful day of work, showered and called it a night. They did not rush immediately to their bathrooms, purses, or cars to slather on aluminum zirconium across their pits. The world smelled just as it should after the labors of the day.

I have noticed a trend amongst women and their pits. We are seen as unattractive and “hippie” esque if we do not conform to the daily pit slather. All day long most of us are conscious about 1) how we look and 2) how we are smelling.


Since I work retail, I have gone through more than my fair share of sweaty situations. I often layer my tops (even in midsummer heat) to avoid the dreaded stench of my pits halfway through my shift. I also workout which contributes to another means of sweat. I then sleep, which obviously creates another need for a good pit slather. (I hate morning breath, but the smell of raunchy pits in the morning is a close second)

You get the idea…and you probably perform the same actions when it comes to covering up the stench and smelling like cucumber aloe, sweet rose, or powder fresh.

Most ingredients in today’s manufactured smell-controllers are harmful. This comes as no surprise to me as the world has gradually been void of credibility ever since I enrolled with Integrative Nutrition.

Here are ingredients to avoid in deodorants and anti-perspirants:

  •  Aluminum– this is a metal found in almost all commercially produced deodorants and anti-perspirants. It has been linked directly to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. It actually blocks your sweat pores and creates build up making you sweat more when you forget to use it.
  • Parabens– these are essentially preservatives. Studies have shown that our body absorbs 100% of these and long-term use leads to birth defects, organ failure, cancer, and chronic disease.
  • Propylene Glycol– added to products to soften consistency. Causes damage to heart, nervous system, and liver
  • Phthalates– helps dissolve other ingredients into a batter before packaging. These disrupt cellular processes in the body and also cause hormone levels to fluctuate tremendously
  • Triclosan– typically used as an antibacterial/odor killer. It’s found as the main ingredient in thousands of skin care products. Shockingly, it’s classified as a pesticide by the FDA. (BIG SKULL AND CROSS BONES RED FLAG!)

Since the prevalence of these chemicals in skin care products appears to be unavoidable, what are the investigative, quest for optimal health and longevity individuals like me to do?

Turn to smaller companies whose integrity is to provide safe, natural alternatives which actually get the job done. Enter…Primal Pit Paste.

When I first heard of this company about a year ago, I thought it was some kind of youtube channel mocking smelly people. I quickly learned that was not the case when I read Food Babe’s post a few weeks back.

I did some research on the company and found that this naturally derived deodorant was created by a mother who sought out a healthy, more natural way to combat odor and sweat.

Most of Primal Pit Paste’s scents are created with thyme, lemongrass, lavender, and lemon. The ingredients are all ones you’re able to pronounce and are organically made.


There are two options: a paste like jar and a stick. I chose to go with the stick as it fits my fast-paced lifestyle, but the jar of paste may be suitable to you.

I chose to purchase the Thyme & Lemongrass stick version as I am allergic to lavender.

I used it the day it arrived in the mail before a workout class. I had read other reviews and was told to let it dry before putting on clothes, but I had no problem when I applied the stick with my top already on.

After all the talk, the stick did the trick! No nasty post workout smell, no stained clothes, and no drippy pits!


It honestly makes me feel completely at ease that I am benefiting my insides while taking care of my outsides in a natural way!

If you would like more information on Primal Pit Paste, check out their website, facebook, and twitter pages!

Peace, love, and healthy pits!


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