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If you’re anything like me, you’re the outlier to fitness’s x, y, and z lines when it comes to protein powders and other supplements. You prefer to gain your daily intake and muscle building nutrients from real foods and don’t believe we are so time deprived and results driven that powders and chemically laden “you need this now” gimmicks are our only answer for hot bods.

So, okay, I’m not completely in love with artificially derived supplements. I’m an organic vegetarian. Force feed me GMO-meat and spray me with pesticides, why don’t you? (seriously my worst nightmare)

I do occasionally supplement my diet with a protein bar or shake. It’s usually always plant based (Vega/Sunwarrior/Luna bars) I never end up feeling guilty, bulky, or sick. It’s a winning situation.

At some point, the tides have turned. Since deciding one of my goals for this year would be to participate in an NPC figure competition, running and eating greens seemed a bit amateur. I needed to up the ante.

My fabulous fitness friend (and soulmate), Karina, had forwarded me an e-mail regarding free product from Vitacost. They were launching their new line of supplements and asking for bloggers to review.

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The ARO line of supplements launched by Vitacost falls into three categories: attack, recover, or optimize. These are all extremely affordable even though they appear to be that of a designer brand!

Also, if you purchase a supplement from this line, you’re eligible to receive 20% off by entering code: DARO20

I chose to review Glutamine, since it was supposed to work wonders for your muscles after a tough workout and also asked for the vanilla whey protein isolate for my boyfriend.


First of all, I was NOT expecting a giant glamour size of samples. I cannot thank Vitacost enough for their generosity! (Objects in picture are bigger than they appear…trust me!)

I tore open both tops (because fitness presents might as well equal Christmas morning) and saw a bottomless pit of white powder as expected.

The next morning after my fasted cardio and plyo workout I took a big ole scoop of glutamine and dumped it into my water. I sipped and tasted nothing. It was plain water. (I wasn’t complaining!)

I continued to use Glutamine after my workouts and within about a week, noticed my energy levels elevated and muscle recovery time virtually non-existent. (Is this wear I turn into the female version of Hulk?)

Another added bonus to incorporating the glutamine within my exercise regiment was that my chest/back pain has gradually diminished. I’m able to do push-ups and bench presses without the fear that I’ll be forever sidelined from the weight room. You have no idea how ecstatic I am. (In true fashion, I also clearly celebrated with chocolate after this revelation was realized.)

Now…as for the boyfriend’s thoughts on his vanilla whey protein isolate…he’s super stoked that Vitacost formulated this blend with MCT (coconut oil concentration) as most brands on the market these days do not. MCT ensures that your body is able to absorb the nutrients within the powder more easily.

He also loves the taste, the fact that it has clean ingredients, and has some kind of plans (that I better be involved in) creating a protein cheesecake! Stay tuned to see when that comes to fruition…

All in all, I think I have changed my position from outlier to the lines of X, Y, and Z. (menaing in non-mathematical terms…that I am a fan of Vitacost’s Glutamine!)

I think this was just what I needed to show my body and willpower that I have what it takes to make it to that stage standing tall!

Disclaimer: I was sent both supplements for review from Vitacost. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Peace, love, and supplements!


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