Get Fresh With Fennel

No, the title isn’t the name of the next one hit wonder auto-tuning adolescent, but I’m sure you hoped it would be.

Fennel (1)

I’m talking about fennel. It’s a plant and an herb (a plerb?) rolled into one with numerous health and gastrointestinal benefits.

If you flip back to a few months ago, I honestly hated fennel more than I hated brussel sprouts. (Yes, to those who are madly in love with that cruciferous side I am sorry)

I don’t usually fancy tons of herbs and spices on my food, but more recently since turning vegetarian, these things are almost vital to complete a meal.


I was a ravenous boar (as usual) on my lunch break one day and decided to walk the plank and try a fennel, onion, and dill salad from the cold bar. I know most people would fall in love with the scent, but I think even the smell of fennel is worse than a grandmother’s perfume!

I walked that food plank and ended up enjoying the plunge I reluctantly took.

I am now on a “fennel kick“. (yes we can add that to the avocado, cilantro, hummus, ACV, and chocolate kicks list)

Since it’s such a popular spring item, it’s available everywhere and adds a delightful taste to most dishes. I have added it to some of my juices in the morning which I would highly recommend!

When I’m on a “kick” with most things in life (layman’s terms for OBSESSION) I profess my love for them by sharing informational images, so here, for your viewing pleasure:

 fennelDo you like fennel? What do you use to flavor your side dishes or vegetables?

Peace, love, and fennel!


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  1. Hmmm…I like herbs but haven’t really tried fennel much.

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