What Is Your Number 2 Telling You?

And I am not talking about your number 2 pencil. This is a scan tron about Uranus. If you didn’t get that, you need to repeat third grade and sit by the class clown.

Yeah guys, girls do poop. And this is what it looks like.

Yeah guys, girls do poop. And this is what it looks like.

Number 2. It’s the talk that’s not talked about. If you bring this dark devil up in conversation prepare to be met with lots of subject changers and loss of eye contact as well as appetite.

Taboo or not it’s something which is pushing to be spoken about.

How many of you reading this have ever taken a look after you’ve gone number 2? I mean like really examined shape, size, color and contents?

Chances are few to none…

Most of our digestive issues are able to be detected through a swift look and smell of our bowel movements. (did I spoil your appetite yet?)

I’ll share my own personal knowledge when it comes to the issue of poo.

I find that charts like these below help immensely to determine if your number 2 is number 1.


Courtesy of Kimberly Snyder-http://kimberlysnyder.net/blog/2011/10/18/what-your-poop-and-pee-are-telling-you-about-your-body/

Since I’m mostly vegetarian I experience no smell, constipation, or discoloration.

My diet consists of dark leafy greens, beans, eggs, chocolate and sometimes dairy.

For the most part, everything functions on schedule and normally. Until I ate some red quinoa the other day.

I have been warned about the effects of consuming quinoa. If it’s undercooked with no spiral budding out of the side, your body will not digest it properly.

Well, I think you can put 2 and 2 together and guess that I did some poop investigating…

This wasn’t my problem as I had cooked it long enough and soaked the grain for almost 4 hours.

It could also be due to the fact that your body doesn’t contain the proper stomach acidity or enzymes to break down this food.

Whatever the case may be, I am now aware. It’s probably just a lack of some enzymes, but now I know what to look for.

That’s the important thing. You must take notice of any changes within your body for early detection and treatment if it does end up being something serious. (hypochondriac over here, so usually no need for a kick in the butt on this one!)

I especially think it’s valuable for you to be knowledgable about your number 2’s due to the fact that colon cancer is a rapidly rising killer. The stereotype that it only occurs in those over 50 who need colonoscopies is false. More and more young people as they consume processed and adulterated foods are beginning to become a part of this deadly statistic.


Colon cancer runs in my family so any way, shape, or form I can make others aware and prevent it myself is a number 1 in my book!

Have you lost your appetite yet? Sorry for the visuals, but I have no shame and it needed to be relatable and also life saving.

So…the next time you “drop the kids off at the pool”, please just be aware. Remember this acronym- S.S.S.C. (Size, Shape, Smell, Color) and you’ll be able to add poop detective to your (silent) resume before you know it!

Are you treating your number 2 with number 1 care? Have you ever stopped to analyze or are you a poop and run kind of person? Come on…don’t be shy!

Peace, love, and GIRLS DO POOP!



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