Instawhat? Instawho? Instagram!

…I need hashtagging and picture apps anonymous. Or maybe just instagrammers anonymous.


Ever since I was introduced to this 1,2,3 upload app 2 years ago, I was hooked.


At first, like my sweets obsession, I had to play hard to get. I had to maintain a scale of weights and balances to not overindulge myself in this endless source of knowledge, entertainment, crudeness, and sometimes time waster, since apps are used for different purposes from learning about fashion or announcing your products, and if you want to sell fashion items, you can find the Best Apps to Sell Clothes online for this purpose.

The hashtag search was where I found my tried and trues- the fitness realm peeps, stylish celebs, and of course my favorite food brands. There is also a way to buy instagram followers to gain traction.

As the buzz around the instaflick app grew, more and more of the population began to partake in this exchange and sharing of photos.

I think this is the one trend that celebs have caught onto after the layman. Usually, it is us oogling over the newest Loubs for the season, but we, yes, us, had the control over the bandwagon! (How’s that for a change, Rupert Murdoch?)

Anyway, now instagram has become habit. As a matter of fact, it has become the new facebook. If you don’t have it, you’re considered socially inept.

I figure I would list some of my fave and not so fave aspects of the app for you below as it’s Friday and my recipe photos won’t upload:



1. Lots of positive Pete’s and Patricia’s. By that I mean, 80% of the people I follow are dishing out some kind of self-esteem or life boosting advice via their own struggles. (I suppose it’s a lot easier to share your struggles when you have only screen in between you to0! I give you props!)

2. Recipes on recipes on recipes galore. Instagram can leave you instawhelmed if you simply search under the hashtag “food” for a new recipe. It’s easy to spend 2-3 hours before bed scrolling, liking, and screenshotting away if you’re not mindful of the clock. (Not that I do that or anything…) Whenever I’m feeling not so thrilled by regular oats or vegetarian dishes, I’ll do a quick scan over and voila! protein pancakes and spaghetti squash automatically infiltrate my kitchen!


A fellow musketeer!


Another fellow musketeer! 🙂









3. Inspired by the inspired. I often times am completely unmotivated for life. Maybe it’s the cold weather 9 months out of the year, but my productivity level es no bueno without warmth. All I have to do on a day when I’m feeling like I could become bed sheets is scroll on my instafeed and someone is bound to have a positive story or affirmation which enables me to value my life and motivate myself to do more. (I guess you could say it’s my little caffeine buzz at times!)


4. Who doesn’t love compliments? This is a given. When facebook enabled comments on its pictures way back when, I’m pretty sure everyone was stuntin’ like Beyonce. Human nature is bred to work and be admired for it. Posting a dressy/workout/family/holiday/progress pic (when done tastefully) can also be another self esteem booster. And with all those filters, the world is literally your oyster!

5. No Peeping Toms allowed! Instagram didn’t make the same mistake facebook had before it “hit the big leagues”. You can go “private” for haters who aren’t your motivators, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, creepos, your mother, and even your tax preparer. (I personally don’t have anything to hide/not want seen/run from so I’m public!)

6. The ability to write a novel for your caption and not be chastised for it. I am guilty on all counts of this! As I’m training for my NPC competition, I find my captions become longer and longer. I gave up caring what people thought about it a while ago because you can always hit the unfollow button if it’s not personally appealing to you.

7. Promotion! This is a no-brainer. I only occupy about 1/2 of my time with twitter now that I’m an insta-addict. Facebook, I try to limit my time to about an hour per day. (It’s such a train wreck to me!) But anyway- back on topic, instagram is a great tool to use as promotion for yourself or your business! The hashtags can make or break your brand. I say the more hashtags, the better known you’ll become!



1. Following etiquette. This is a hard one. It’s not like facebook where it’s more personalized when you actually send a friend request to (insert name here). I feel like instagram makes it like a rat race in terms of following. “Tag, you’re it!” isn’t my sense of following style. My general rule of thumb is I usually follow someone back if they are 1)A REAL PERSON & 2) INTELLIGENT 3)I PERSONALLY KNOW THEM 4) THEY ARE FITNESS/FOOD RELATED. There are way too many people who have followed me in the past who post several pictures that I don’t agree with or have the time to give my two cents about.

2. Load time. I don’t know about you, but I have had several app issues with this one. The “couldn’t refresh feed” message should be reserved for April Fools and that’s it.

3. Is there a way to delete unnecessary comments on photos? If not, then this is a total con! I especially do not favor the spam bots who boast about making $500 as an extra in Hollywood. Suspicious!

4. The oversaturation of  the following pictures– “girls be like”, “men be like”, etc. etc. Does anyone else pull their hair out over this? At first, I found them hilarious, but now… the amount of times I see the same picture recycled and reposted leads me to “be like”… unfollow.


5. Tagging 20 responses to 20 different people. Ever post a picture and have to respond to each individual person with the @? It gets annoying after the second time. Maybe it’s just my lazy self, but it bugs the crap out of me!

6. Not enough time in the day. “Every day I’m hustlin'” is totally my theme song. (Rick Ross style, not LMFAO style) I know it’s not poor instagram’s fault, but I wish I had an extra hour or two per day just to go through other hashtags for ideas about life, food, fitness, fashion, music, spiritulity, books, etc.

7. Facebook bought it last year…Ugh. That is all.

Overall, I give instagram an insta-A-. It satisfies my every need, albeit morning, noon, night, or even nightmare! I can deal with the load time, because let’s be honest, I NEED TO SEE WHAT YOU ATE FOR LUNCH. AND BREAKFAST. I’ll wait…(seriously!) =0

What has been your experience with the app and users of the app? Do you use it for promotional or personal purposes only? Are you on the insta-wagon, trying to get on, or trying to get off?

Peace, love, and instagram!


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11 Responses to Instawhat? Instawho? Instagram!

  1. Heather says:

    I love isntagram, but I doa gree with you on some of the cons like when you reply to people, not being able to delete comments etc. It is an obsession though!

  2. you can delete comments on your own photos! click the box like you’re gonna comment on that photo and when it brings up all the other comments, swipe to the right on the comment you want to delete and you should see a trash can and you can delete or report for spam/block

  3. Fun post! I loove instagram! It can be totally addicting but it’s also a fun way to stay in touch and share ideas and inspiration.

    Fact: there IS a way to delete unnecessary comments! I forget how, but I probably tried swiping sideways, like in other Apple applications.

  4. First of all…..I LOVE YOU! 🙂
    And second…I love Instagram too. 🙂 Definitely motivates me…not to mention all the cute pups I follow too.

  5. I’m a dork and don’t have an Instagram. I didn’t for the longest time because I didn’t have an iPhone or i – anything. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Player, so I could use it….and I might… but I’m guessing it’ll take awhile, as there just simly isn’t enough time in my day for work, blogging, facebooking, tweeting (don’t do too much), pinning, and just LIFE. But I like the filters, so I’ll probably get it just to play around with at least. 🙂

  6. #Soulmate you had me at hello!!! I love this post, because
    A: I’m an Instagram addict and I need help! Maybe Instagram Anonymous 🙂
    B: I LOVE stalking you on Instagram and having those back to back comments!!
    C: What’s not to love on Instagram?!? I can spend hours and hours on there just browsing through pictures! I never get bored!!


    Love, Kary xoxo

  7. Kathia says:

    Love this post!! I am so glad that I found this because now I am going to follow yours! I use it for self promotion since of all my social media, this is the one with most followers and more direct exposure!! I love using collages for my pics so I am hooked on it!!

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