#WIAW- The Juicing Edition

Holy heck it has been buzz light years since I’ve participated in my favorite foodie day of the week. How are you my blog-lings?

So I basically failed my healthy eating test for the end of 2012, but 2013 is shaping up to be a success

I was inspired by one of my lectures with Integrative Nutrition recently to begin to incorporate juicing into my daily life. At first, I was kind of skeptical that juicing could actually hold a candle to my beloved protein pancakes, oats, chobani, or eggs as filler uppers. But, I have been proven wrong…

I am absolutely one of those people who would gladly bare the “I heart Juicing” text across my chest. It is that kind of worthiness.

It is in fact the honeymoon stage of our relationship and I don’t see it waning anytime soon.

Here are a few conocotions I’ve managed to create:

My first green juice: collards, spinach, apple, and flax!

Channel Orange juice: oranges, carrot, ginger, lemon, peppers, ice, water, banana

On top of juicing I’ve been consuming spinach salads with tons of extra fabulous veggies for toppings!

Yup, violated vegetarian code: grass fed beef. So worth it!

Quinoa pepper bowl

Another winning combo!

Zinburger's vegan burger with organic pea shoots

A very Valentine's Day organic breakfast. Handcrafted by moi, made for my boo.

And yes…this post is kind of incomplete because your fave and as always my fave (chocolate) has not made an appearance.

Don’t you worry, I saved the best for last:

These ^ were to die for! I also obviously have not been documenting my chocolate consumption because I’m very much trying to make like an alcoholic and forget about my problems. But yes…a few weeks back, I had about two-three dark chocolate bars PER DAY. (Don’t blame me, blame the PMS!)

Here are my honorable mentions:

I also made these to try and act like I am not always fiending for chocolate

Almond Crisp Cookies

To fend off the flu and cold germs, I drank this concoction for about a week and then realized I was allergic to ACV as my hands and feet were uncontrollably itchy. #lifeofawitchdoctor

Apples for apples.

Other than that, my eats are out!

What have you been noshing on lately? Have you ever juiced?

Peace, love, and juicing!


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