#MotivationalMondays- The 15 Rep Workout

It’s fair to say that after watching #BeyonceBowl last night, I need to step up my quad, butt, stomach, hamstring, arms and overall FIERCE game. I think every woman in America wet her pants last night.

If I could have just one smidgen of her sexiness halo, oh the things I could accomplish.

But back to reality, we all can control what goes into our guts and the outward appearance of our butts, so let’s focus on creating our inner beyonce’s together.

I actually haphazardly did this workout during the pre-game show yesterday (which BTW- was a total tear jerker and I am convinced the NFL is code for “Lifetime, cry your eyes out, where’s the happy ending?” movies.)

The emphasis of this workout was to exhaust each body part, but feel free to mix and match if you like more compound movements.

How was your super bowl? Did you die over Queen B’s performance or not so much?

Peace, love, and fifteen!


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2 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- The 15 Rep Workout

  1. Melissa Love says:

    I LOVED Bey’s performance — and I agree — just 1% of her amazingness would be a fabulous thing to have! She is stunning! Super bowl was fun – paleo style so didn’t cheat a lot šŸ™‚

  2. Great routine! I’ve been slack on the strength training. I think I’ll do this one tonight.

    Sad to say that I did not watch the game. However, I did hear about the blackout.

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